Today I am enjoying a very nice organic Sumatra from Salt Lake Roasting Company in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Coffee always tastes better when on vacation.

All the best,


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Costa Rica Terrazu Diamante and a lighter-side-of-dark Kenya AA from White Rock Coffee
La Golondrina Microlot
Odair Achipiz
Cauca, Colombia

Roasted by Counter Culture Coffee. An amazing body with a silky vanilla characteristic coating the tounge immediately, later diminishing to the gentle aftertaste of blueberries and toasted almonds. Works brilliantly as a single origin as well, pulled into a cap preferrably just so the milk stretches the shot out enough lending it's sweetness and integrity..
Shelburne Falls Coffee Roasters in my very own western Massachusetts whips up a beautiful surprise called First Light -- some East African + some South American beans -- its got the citrus and the lightness that I love, but that special something else that only East African coffees deliver.

a shout out to Shelburne Falls, especially in light of the recent fire that threw their roastery and home store for a loop. support local roasters!
Costa Rica SHB EP, CoopTarrazu.

Very nice coffee. Sweet, clean, bright-crisp acidity with medium body and nice apricot/white pepper finish.
Idido Misty Valley Yirg, washed. Mmmmm, good. Real fruity smell, real complex taste, and as it cools it opens up big.
Pour me a cup Jason
Not Starbucks.
Spencer, ;-) Well Jim, it was a french press, and it was JUST enough for little old me..... I'll save you some next round!
I brewed up a Honduran Las Canas this morning that I had roasted in my Gene Cafe on the 21st of February.
Espresso Two: Jacinto

From The Brown Coffee Co.

Sort of an experimental espresso. Nearly gone. Finishing it up today.

It's 50/50
Guat FVH / Kenya Kichwa Tembo Coop.
Las Termopilas CoE #4 roasted on Wed. by Jesse, taken to the door of second crack. Sweet with a fleeting hint of jasmine and honey. Nice one JR..
Las Mingas from Narino, Colombia - Gimme! Coffee

Very nice! sweet, bright, crisp acidity and clean with deep resonant undertones of chocolate and caramel.

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