Today I am enjoying a very nice organic Sumatra from Salt Lake Roasting Company in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Coffee always tastes better when on vacation.

All the best,


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on clover, Orange Bourbon El Salvador from PT's ... also, in class today, shots of Black Cat, Origins Roasters Espresso, PT's Bella Vita, Cafe Bonito Emerald Mist ...
Today I woke up to a Caffe Vita Sumatra, brewed in a Farmer Brothers Coffee machine in the Warehouse. Sometimes its just nice to show them what coffee should taste like.
Our Guatemalan Antigua. Sweet, clean, crisp. Chad is a roasting machine.
Right now? Tanzania Highland Peaberry, which I slow roasted, of coarse...mmmmm......while I try to figure out my way around on barista exchange.
Enjoying on a cold day!
Ethiopia Longberry Harar "Makeda", roasted 3 days ago. What a great great cup. Perfect accompaniment to "The Devil's Cup", a must-read for anyone in the trade (tremendously entertaining and informative), which starts out in Harar. The author, Stewart Allen, gets into amazing places and scenarios in his quest for java.
SF Red Bull and Red Diet Mountain Dew. I call it Mountain Bull.
I like that, a new custom beverage!
Brothers Espresso all day baby... I'm seriously gonna OD on double shots today.
I'm not very cool today. Getting over a ridiculous bout with cough and sore throat, so I'm nursing a giant green Nalgene bottle full of water. Saw everyone's interesting drinks and it made me wishful.
Hope you get to feeling better.........
I am drinking four shots of Intelligentsia's Black Cat espresso, on the rocks. I wanted cold press but it was out of season, and now this drink owns me.

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