Today I am enjoying a very nice organic Sumatra from Salt Lake Roasting Company in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Coffee always tastes better when on vacation.

All the best,


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Just a Congo of no certain species from a local roaster. Too bright by half till I down dosed the Cremina and have 10 days of rest behind it. I pull it as hot as I can. It is starting to give a bit of lemon and chocolate.
Today I've had an organic Ugandan from Ristretto and the Columbia Jordan from Stumps\town. Both pretty alright but the Ugandan takes the cake, for sure. Solid currents and dark chocolate, with a splash of mangos and smoked apples in the finish. Bomb!
Alex C. McGregor said:
Solid currents and dark chocolate, with a splash of mangos and smoked apples in the finish. Bomb!

It's okay, don't fight it. Just swim with it until your out of harms way. :)
a nice Fully washed Rwanda. 100% burbon from the Bufcafe Co-op. Good acidity with some nice floral and choc. notes.
Sumatra Gayoland FTO from Alterra. Love that coffee. Keeps me honest. Grounds me.
I've been sipping an Ethiopian moka. Berries. Serious berries in the cup and one helluva SWEET shot to shoot.
Guatemala Santa Isabel. So good.... just so good. Black berry, creamy caramel, yum yum yum....
been making my espresso with the lone star blend from texas coffee traders. nice and robust, well-rounded, and not as acidic as seems to be the trend these days. not a big fan of the high-acid, citrusy stuff.
Sulawesi Sapan Minango roasted on the 28th of April brewed on the siphon.
Cocoa, amazing truffle notes, and plum.
Batdorf & Bronson Dancing Goats Blend, french-pressed, roasted yesterday and sent to me overnight, free of charge, as part of a box of samples. I visited their booth at SCAA, and for that they felt like sending me 6 12-0z bags of assorted fresh-roasted whole bean. I know why this is their signature blend. Wow! It explodes on your tongue in a rainbow of flavors. I can't even name them all. Chocolate, I know I taste that.

I can't wait to try the others. I know that B&B is not that big a deal to most of you, but my limited experience with truly good coffees leads me to gush a bit.
Got up at 6:30 and started another rough coffee day, pulled myself a Panama Esmeralda Gesha wakeup Americano:-) Then off to do some grocery shopping before heading into the cafe. Spot checked Ben's work with my Delirium Blend with a right nice doppio. (Ben opened today) 'Round 11am checked on the SO grinder, needed a bit-o-tweaking. Tightened the grind a hair, reduced dose 0.5gr to 16.5gr and lengthened shot time to 30sec for 2oz doppio and man the Rwanda Gkongoro Nyarusiza doppio sang sweetly of milk chocolate, orange peel, allspice and a touch of cloves in a buttery smooth killer shot. Now that's why I bought that stuff to roast! Late afternoon before closing pulled myself another smooth and lively Delirium doppio before finally getting out of there 6:30. Now home typing while drinking an after dinner Americano of Idido Misty Valley. Unfortunately from my last roast of the last of my IMV greens. May be able to source a bit more. If I can will immediately vac and freeze the greens to stretch it out until next crop instead of always having it on the retail shelf. Much longer without extreme storage and the 08 crop IMV is gonna die. But the prospect of no more Misty Valley for 6 months just doesn't cut it!

Indeed, another rough coffee day.
It's always Ethiopian Yergacheffe, always the same thing, Ethiopian Yergacheffe, always the same thing, always, always, always. . . but. . . its always so damn good!!!!

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