Who's going?

It's the SCAA's 20th Annual Conference held in conjunction with the US Barista Competition .

Some people that I know of are staying at the Best Western (free wifi and breakfast), others at the Embassy Suites.

Any others?

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I beez going. I heard they were going to unveil the new "Clover!" ;-)
I'm going, I just need to get the hotel thing figured out.
I would recommend Orbitz. I used it for Coffee Fest DC, and got two nights at a Hyatt Regency and airfare for less than $400.
How far away from the convention center are those hotels? Just wondering would like to stay close enough to walk rather than renting a car.
The hotels and airfare I was referring to was for DC, but the hotel/airfare packages from NC to MN were about the same.
We will be there! I think we are staying at the Hilton.
I'm finding a hard time getting a hotel close to the Convention Center that doesn't cost $$$ per night. I'm going to try and book this tonight if possible. I'm going to see if anyone from here (Phoenix) is going and might be interested in splitting the hotel cost. It's sounds lame, but it'll give me more money for the labs. I'll post what deals I find later.
Embassy Suites are affordable. A friend has a reservation at the Holiday Inn Metrodome, it is like 2 or 3 miles from Convention Center but they are offering complimentary shuttle service for going there http://www.ichotelsgroup.com/h/d/hi/1/en/hotel/MSPMD/welcome. The rates in internet are from 150 to 216 USD.
Thanks for the tip!!! That's where I'm booked now.
I will be there too, I hope it is a good option. See you there.
Are there any coffee geeks who live in Minneapolis who would like to offer their home to me and my friend for a couple nights or so. I would rather do that than pay tons of money for a hotel(that I don't have). I would really appreciate it! free coffee to anyone with a room or two;)
Woo Hoo!

Coffee galore? I'll be there! I'm booked at the Best Western as well, probably see many of you there.


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