We are proud to announce the next Barista Exchange Meet Up with will take place Friday, April 11th in conjunction with the NERBC. The party is sponsored by the American Barista & Coffee School

Here are the details:

Friday, April 11th, 2008
8pm - 1am
Ithaca, NY
The Chanticleer Loft (corner of Cayuga St. and State St.)

Barista Exchange members will receive their official Barista Exchange Member buttons, if you don't already have one. Come rock out with baristas and coffee fanatics. For more info you can message Erin McCarthy.

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I'll be there. The "Chanti" is a great local bar with tons of character. The "loft" is through the bar to the back door, and up the stairs (remember this, it's not obvious). It's a fairly large private space and will hold tons of drinkin baristas, judges, groupies, etc. If I heard through the grapevine correctly, there should be an open bar (until we drink everything) of some tasty beverages. Also, it's merely steps from the competition venue.
wish I could be there, but glad we can at least sponsor the debauchery that will take place! :)
wish you could too. I'll drink a few extra for ya...
Barista Exchange is also sponsoring a keg at the Ritual party in San Francisco this Saturday night, March 29th!! I figure people would rather have a bunch of beer than lil ol me there anyway. :)
I'm dancin'.

It still is avoided by young college students. That's why it's such a great bar local bar ;)
Were you in school there longer than 4 years? I was born and raised there so my standards are pretty high. Of course there's also a difference between a "townie" and a "local". I'd say students can become "locals", but only if they stay after they finish...!
I didn't want to throw out the term 'townies' because, well, you know. It can be taken the wrong way.
Well, I was there for 6 years, mostly not going to school. I ran the collegetown convenient (college and dryden) for 3 years in the mid nineties, and got in with the local business nuts.
My aunt lives in Cayuga heights, and I used to spend summers in town as a kid.
I grew up near Geneseo, dude. High Fives for actual Upstate New York.
I'm never moving back there.
Awesome. You were a local. I used to go to Collegetown Convenient quite a bit in the mid 90's. But never the Palms.
Haha, I sold you beer.
The Palms had $1.50 Old Mil longnecks when I was in town.
And darts. And Golden Tee.
I'm just saying.

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