Ok ... so this thread is for everyone attending Coffee Fest. Let's hear it, feel free to post here to keep everyone up to date. I'll start.

Set up booth at show, ran into some folks, Nick, Aaron Ultimo and others. Went to a killer dinner at Oyamel ... amazing tapas and guacamole bar. Then went to the Capitol Grille and had some drinks and ended up talking politics with some locals.

May go out for a bit, but speak in the morning ...

- Matt

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Arriving in DC around 9:30. See ya on the floor!
I'll be pulling into town around 10 am ish on Friday, working the CCC booth with public cuppings all weekend, going to the meet up Friday night, going to the CCC party at the Training Center on Saturday.
On the bus connecting BWI and the DC Metro. I'm a coffee lover coming down to support the Pittsburgh Invasion™. Hoping to catch some classes this morning and, as it happens, a good cup of coffee.

(EVDO Wireless is darn useful.)
I am waiting on the bus at BWI to take me to the DC metro line.
just finished the show for today. have about 5 min till I am out and off to the partay. good show so far, fun to meet so many bX members! looking forward to this evening and the rest of the show! - Matt
Hey everyone. Great party and thank to Nick and all at Murky for letting everyone have a great time. Was cool to see the Murky shop. Thanks to all who could come out for the party and all the support with the site.

Another two days of the show, comps, etc. Looking forward to it, Matt
I blogged my thoughts on my first CoffeeFest, my first official industry event, really. I should mention how extremely proud I am of my local shop, Aldo Coffee, for advancing all three of their competitors to the barista championship finals and for Belle, who won this year! Pittsburgh came out strong, none stronger than Aldo Coffee. Rich and Melanie are top-notch owners.

Thanks all.
So I am new to the site...new to the group...and this was my first coffee fest.
One thing I will say (and I am not bragging) is that it was nice that it was in DC.
I mean I live and work here, so it was nice to go home at night!
I really am sad that I missed the thing a Murky Saturday night...would have loved to been there.
BUT! I am here now and ready to learn and meet others that roast.
thanks to everyone that was at the show.

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