I am excited to hear about the results of the WBC testing that went on last week in Vancouver. I hope to be able to post more info on other equipment too, but for now I have the results from one of the machines tested. (information posted with permission)

The attached info relates to Average Brew Temperature and Logged Temperature Stability. I hope to have more info as it comes to me ...

Nuova Simonelli Aurelia 3 Group

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That's interesting. The difference in temps from left to right is strange. Any thoughts why?
Does this mean the USBC and regional comps will be on a Simonelli?
the Aurelia was supposed to be hte most temp stable machine in the tests. However any sponsor still has to pay millions to be hte machine sponsor so it is a big committment. we love our Aurelia!
I'm betting on Marzocco.
So since I have never actually worked on an Aurelia, I can't say much about it, but what I do know is that my good friend and mad scientist Greg, this they are good.

With that said, I think it could be anyone of these fine machines.


The announcement of the 2009-2011 WBC machine sponsor will be made shortly after the WBC champion is announced at the 2008 WBC in Copenhagen. Not one minute before.

Anything else that you hear is pure speculation. Don't believe the hype!
A variance from group to group, especially between left and right groups, is pretty typical. You'll see a couple of degrees from left to right on a Marzocco Linea too.
I can't wait that long... please tell.

The winner is: the Apple iBarista Nano.
The 40GB or 80GB? Is that the one that has the video screen? ;-)
Thanks, Nick. As a manufacturer, we should find out if our machine 'passed' the testing portion of the process sometime in the middle of this month. I must say, I am very anxious for the test results, just like everyone else. The event at Origins was an excellent experience. Great hosts, top notch testers, engineers from near and far, and a very systematic process for such a subjective product.
Any more news on when WBC 2009 machine sponsors are being announced and when/if further results of tests will be available?

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