We've had a few requests for rice milk in the shop, so we bought a carton and gave it a shot... my tastebuds slapped me silly... it was horrible. I do confess, I didn't really take the time to test at different temperatures.
Care to share what has worked for you?

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We use a lot of rice milk here in Indonesia, often as an alternative to Soy. Generally what we use is pretty fresh- obviously location has a lot to do with that. I have tried rice milk from Australia which I believe is UHT. It, reflecting your comments, was HORRIBLE! What we use here steams sweet, and actually is really good. It suprised me as my experience with the stuff previously (in NZ) was blah!
I never had a good experience with rice milk.
Now HEMP milk, thats a different story.
Ben, dropping your weed in your milk does not constitute hemp milk.

Rice milk is also very sensitive to temperature and steaming. Did you try it cold? Also, customer suggestions are just that. You can safely ignore this one.
I have several regulars who ask for it. I can't get it to taste good with expresso. Maybe I'm not steaming it right. Any idea what the max temperature should be?
We treat rice like soy milk - DO NOT STEAM OVER 160 EVER. Also, make sure you shake the carton really well cause it settles. It tastes a little sweeter than soy, but is really thin. A few people prefer the taste, but mostly it's for our customers with soy allergies. A hemp milk or hemp milk blend is the closest I've had to the real deal, but it's twice as expensive as soy.
We have had a wonderful response to Hemp Milk (Living Harvest brand). Most people who drink rice milk typically do so out of necessity (Lactose intolerant) and are happy to discover something that has good texture and taste. The average rice milk drinker is happy to give up the corrugated cardboard taste in a heartbeat (at least that has been our experience). It costs more, but you can also charge a littler more (i.e. 5-10 cents) and nobody complains.
Growing up in Northern California, the land of Blue Diamond Almonds we used a lot of Almond Milk. It has a really good nutty taste and complements some espressos great. Almond Breeze was the brand we used. Agreeing to Nicole's comment above we didn't steam above 160 either. It sounds different but it's worth a try.

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