We were talking around the store today about all the different names for drinks. We call coffee with a shot a Red Eye. We have also heard it called a Shot in the Dark.

Along those same lines, we are trying to decide what to call a Chai with espresso. We have heard Chai Charger, Chai High, Morning Glory Chai, Dirty Chai, and Hail Mary.

We would love to hear what you all call these drinks!

Jenny and the Bean Team at Peaberry's Coffeehouse, La Crosse, WI

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Redeye and Dirty Chai, respectively.
chai with espresso...is that good?
Brady said:
Redeye and Dirty Chai, respectively.
Sarah Dooley said:
chai with espresso...is that good?
That depends very much on who you ask.
Depth charge and power chai
Agreed, too.

Brady said:
Redeye and Dirty Chai, respectively.
We do Red Eye and Chai Charger. I honestly don't think that it matters very much.
"What do you call an espresso in a cup of coffee?"

...a good start?
Double Barrel Joe and "The Bridge" are two of my favorite names I've ever heard but they aren't very universal.

We let people call them whatever they want and generally know what they mean, but neither are on the menu.
Shot in the Dark
I have a friend who likes to call a red eye with a pump of chocolate a "Poke in the Eye"
Even had one guy that insisted on calling it a "Fistfight in A Cup."

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