Cause we all have to recognize that he and his crew are quite simply the sickest, sweetest coffee tech love machines on the planet.

I was going to make a list of how we love thee. But its just too dang long!

Keep rocking the coffee tech planet Espressoparts and Tery Z! we love you long time.


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Couldn't have said it better myself.
While I may be slightly biased, I'd like to echo the sentiment. I'm constantly amazed how he'll turn an idea into a reality; there's just no stopping the man!
Dudes my monkey boots are blushing.....

Thanks very much!
I want one of those sproparts decks! Those things are fuggin SICK
lava tamp, pitcher rinser, bringing Anfim to the house... it just goes on and on
not to mention an amazing french press I got to try the other morning... mmm tasty coffee love to boot
Terry once again rocks it. No explanation needed but suffice it to say our PID works now is the raddest company on the face of the earth. no doubt about it. there are few finer than mr. z. he recommended the ep5 tamper, and it's changed my life. everywhere I go, people are jealous, and I just say, baby. they got all you need, and tons of stuff you don't necessarily need but want. like my new penholder, the Grindenstein knock box.
I love your laser Terry.
If anyone on here is old enough to remember Jack Nichalson's Joker... He said of Batman and I must say of Terry Z..."Where does he get all these wonderful toys!?"

I have died and gone to tamper heaven!
So, like, I have heard the legend of a grinder timer modification from Mr. Z, but I seem to be unable to find it anywhere.

Is it available? If not, will it become available? If not, what sort of bribery would be required for "special" availability? If no bribery is accepted, where do you keep the plans for it, and where is your spare key hidden?

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