Meet the Baristas Party at Coffee Fest Seattle! Victrola Coffee and Barista Exchange!

Hello bXers! Many have been asking about a bX meet up party at Coffee Fest Seattle, well ... here it is. Victrola Coffee Roasters has been awesome enough to partner with Barista Exchange and host the party and latte art smackdown Saturday night during Coffee Fest!

We also need a few bX member volunteers to maybe help with some clean up after the party ... please let me know if you are interested! Thanks, and see you there!

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I'll see you there Matt
i'm there!
excited to see you
I'll mos def be there!
Give me all details for I will not to able to go.. hope someone sents the none goers pictures.... Have fun everyone...For Now
Sounds like the place to be!
awesome! i'll see you there. it'll be good to meet and throw down with you and everyone!
Unless we get a better offer, we'll be there! :-) sounds like a good time!
i want to go TT
Thanks for the invite...See you at the party
Thanks to all who came to the party. It was ROCKIN! Probably my favorite latte art throwdown to date! Love the tournament style.

- Matt
I'd have to agree! The tournament style was a lot of fun! I move that it be the norm for any throwdown, can't wait to go to another!
Yeah was a fun party indeed. Big thanks and shout outs to Mark and the Victrola crew and to Matt.

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