hey guys, I will be on the Fox Business Network today shortly after 9am PST/12am EST for a story on McDonalds coffee, and specialty coffee in general. I think on Comcast it is channel 130. You can also use their Channel Finder feature on the website. Hopefully, it will be recorded and online after. Pretty crazy, and it should be funny. Never thought I'd be found in a Fox News Station. :)

- Matt

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Well it was good to see Matt on Fox Business News but I don't understand why they choose to add Matt to the program because all they talked about was McDonalds vs Starbucks and they basically slammed the specialty coffee industry and made it sound like nobody cares about quality coffee repeatedly calling it "fruffy coffee".
I did like how Matt made a comeback at the end and stated that specialty coffee is an affordable luxury and that it's something that people don't have to give up.

Thanks Matt!
Hey guys,

Wow, what a whirlwind, I want to watch it and then comment on the Sbucks vs. McDonalds aspect, but I thought it was a great way to remind people that specialty coffee is just that. It went super quick and I had a lot more I wanted to say, but overall I think it is very positive exposure for independents, and for them to at least recognize there is a difference between specialty coffee from retailer to retailer.

Hope to get a copy of it, and post it here soon.

- Matt
Here is a link to the clip! Wow, not the easiest crowd :) They seem to love their McD's cup, but hopefully I was able to give a different perspective from the left coast :)

I think that McDonald's is perceived as "better" because it's typically a lighter roast.

Coffee Snob? funny.
Look at you! BIG Time! Thank you for helping to expose the masses to specialty coffee and why we all love it!

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