Hey guys. I am curious to hear some stories on how people have benefited from using the bX site. I am constantly trying to keep it fresh and add features and would love to hear from retailers, baristas, consumers, farmers, etc., stories or ways you have found the site useful. i.e., have you experienced any growth or other advantages that has helped your business? Have you physically gone on a barista exchange with another shop? Hitched a ride to a barista competition? Learned about something in the industry, product, marketing info, etc. that has helped your coffee bar? etc.

I so appreciate your feedback and comments, and am not trying to boost my ego here, just want to see how people are most benefiting from the site so I know where to continue my focus. Thanks so much!

- Matt

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For me, the biggest benefit is from the discussion boards. It has been good to read the different exchanges and get that little window into other peoples' coffee worlds. It has certainly changed the way I think about and present coffee. That, it has introduced me to new bands (via the more recent music discussions).

Oh, and of course the drink prep discussions - like the famous "americano thread" from a few months back. Totally changed our prep method and made our customers happy. Other discussions have helped us tweak our french-press and pourover methods. Our shop's drinks are better because of this community.

The big downside is that I spend too much time posting here. Really, I do have other things I should be doing...

Good community. Keep it up.
gee, Matt, you don't have to "toot your own horn" by asking that question. I will toot my horn for you as I asked the same question on July 6. hmmmm
not tooting ... and didn't mean to thread scoop ray. :) I appreciate your support, and any others who may feel like contributing. There is a reason I am asking, which we'll all find out about soon enough ... ;) Thanks x 1000!!

-- Matt
i am new to the coffee industry, (been in it for 1 year) and the info that i have found on here has been invaluable. just to see so many experts in one place, and the ability to kind of look over their shoulder to see how and why they do things is amazing. i have found it so valuable, that i have required all my baristas get a profile and start looking around and getting involved in discussions. keep up the good work. peace.
So far it's been a great way to learn more about an industry that we are dedicated to. I've personally picked up on some great threads and learned more about the details of what our cusotmers do day to day! Not to mention it's a good place to meet with people in between the trade shows and also do a little business!
It's helped increase visibility for my projects both business and non-profit community building.

The other tiny little benefit has been the ease with which I have been able to connect with people by either contacting them, or the other way around. Heroes, Colleagues, and new friends alike.

It's a blast.
I have been able to share what little knowledge I have and have reaped a bountiful harvest of knowledge in return. From roasters, equipment, customer cheats, layout.... It's like OJT online.
My love life is so much better now! My wife thanks God for bX! ;-)
My soul was brought to my ancestral homeland thanks to BX. I have a better understanding in general of who I am thanks to BX. Three cheers for Mr. Milletto and this wonderful website! Hip-hip hooray! (X3)

After my shift at Espresso Vivace about three months ago, I was aimlessly just surfing the net and loading pictures on my flickr.com site when i saw this post for a Barista Exchange Opportunity in Puerto Rico. I think I read it maybe 15 minutes after it had been posted. Once I read about 5 times to really accept what was before me, I knew it was the perfect opportunity I'd been working, dreaming, and praying for. Seeing that there was a number attached to the e-mail I wasted no time getting in touch with the AMAZING Enid Guerra. She's the owner of Barista Espresso Bar in Hato Rey, Puerto Rico.

Almost immediately Enid and I had a great connection. I am of 100% Puerto Rican decent on both sides of my family. I'd never experienced my homeland as an adult. The notion that just the love of making coffee was bringing me to Puerto Rico still kinda baffles me as I type this. I went to Barista Espresso Bar the first week of June and was welcomed as though I was one of Enid's own children or a brother to her amazing baristi. I got to work with true pioneers for this culture of coffee in Puerto Rico. Of the 4 million people that live on the island there are perhaps 30 performing this craft. Enid employs 6 of'em. To see that almost 4,000 miles away people just like me, even of the same ethnicity and heritage as me are making truly beautiful coffee almost caused my heart to burst with glee and pride.

The entire experience has compelled me to write it up and send it to Barista magazine. I haven't quite finished it yet because I've been busy since I got back but, I do hope the editor will consider it. Because I believe I can inspire others to realize that a little passion, hard work, and dedication really can fulfill dreams. More photos from my pilgrimage are at http://www.flickr.com/photos/naturallyabel/sets/72157605678573273/

Thank you again Matt for following your own dream and putting something like this together and making it wonderful!


Christopher "Nicely" Abel Alameda
Hey Matt,
I am a coffee shop owner and was recently made aware of a customer who had a not so great experience with my shop through comments on bX. I was able to contact the customer directly and resolve the situation and the customer has agreed to give us a second chance which to me, is huge! You never want a customer to have a bad experience but even sadder is if you lose a customer and never have a chance to try to win them back. Through bX, I was able to make the situation right and change the perception that the customer had of my shop. For a small shop that is new in the marketplace, that is an invaluable opportunity! Thanks so much!
this is very true....

this post is more crazy than barista pick up lines post

thanks jason for showing me the way...
Hi Matt,
While we have not yet benefited from BX in a quantifiable way I personally have very much enjoyed the increased awareness that I've gleaned from the site of the industry and its people. The conversations that I've followed and the few I've participated in have been both enjoyable and enlightening. Running the shop consumes so much of my time, however, that I do not get much opportunity to make use of everything BX offers nearly as much as I'd like to...I intend to make some time management adjustments in the near future so that I can enjoy the site more regularly. Keep up the absolutely wonderful work you're doing here...it is indeed a useful and most enjoyable resource.
David Smith
Stumpjack Coffee Co.

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