We're wanting to switch to making all of our nut milks in house, as it's a huge growing trend, and when done right, a much better product at a much lower overall cost.
For those of you already doing it, what size batches are you making at a time, and what equipment? Seems the typical Vitamix/straining method could be a bit tedious and labor intensive for the quantities ultimately needed!
Thanks for any advice!

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I'm giving this conversation a bump. I'd like to see some input on this subject. :-)

Thanks! Surprised we haven't seen any comments as of yet... 

Yes, I agree with that the nut milk can be easily made in house at low cost. Before doing that you must be well known about all the steps which used in this, because everyone wants a good taste of nut milk and in modern world nothing is impossible with the help of the internet you can do it easily.

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