I'm looking for a company that makes drive thru coffee shops? But I want it to have wheels on them if I need to relocate in the further if I have too. 

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Our first idea was to go with a high end double drive thru kiosk and found this place that builds them any way you want. Ironic thing is this company is literally spitting distance from me and my brother frequently does contracted electrical engineering work for them. He was onboard with helping us cut costs because he knows those types of buildings inside/out and was going to guide us on the buildout at no cost to us. Our top pick was the one with the "Seattle Drip" on the front and of course we intended to make some changes so it wasn't a replica of that company's image. It was going to be very costly and time consuming and I really didn't like the idea of being stuck in one spot waiting for people to come to us, so we made the choice to go mobile. Here's the link...




Would also like to add that unless you need one built to certain specs you can probably find good, used mobile kiosks online at places like Craigslist, ebay, etc. and move it anywhere you'd like at a fraction of what something new would cost.

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