Anyone out there have hands on experience with relatively new piece of equipment? I am interested in both the technical as well as the qualitative aspects of this machine. Thanks.

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I'd love to hear people's thoughts on this too!  Just looked at the parts manual and it looks like everything but the touchscreen interface and the brew baskets is basically off-the-shelf Curtis, so it should be solid and reliable. 

My complaint with a lot of manual paper-cone brewing is that it often goes too quickly and under-extracts somewhat.  It'd be interesting to see if they did anything to control that (i.e. smaller orifice exiting basket) or if the pre-wetting and pulse options give you enough control to dial in what you need as far as extraction.  Looks like a pretty clever idea for people who want coffee by the cup but with more consistency and less labor. 

Anyone played with one? 

On a related note, anyone have experience with the Bunn Trifecta yet? 

I saw this at Coffee Fest and watched a demo of it.  I think it was still in the late prototype stage so lots could have changed.  They touted temperature control, and pre-infusion via a simple syphon installed at the bottom of the basket (think toilet bowl, when the water reaches a certain level it flushes).  Clever design, would be interested to compare [taste] this verses a timed pre-infusion. 

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