I wanted to get some input on coffee to water ratios for bulk brewing. When I started my own shop in 2006, we relied on a regional roaster's recommendation since they provided the brewer and coffee beans. They recommended 6oz of coffee beans for a 2.2L airpot and ground on a Bunn Coffee Mill on the "Regular" setting. I am now involved in a new coffee shop start-up and have been doing some more in depth research on brewing. The SCAA brewing chart shows the "Ideal Optimum Balance" is around 2oz of coffee per liter of water. I am not sure what level of grind the SCAA chart assumes.

I would like to know what others use for their coffee bean to water ratio and their grind level for bulk brewed coffee. Would also like to know what others prefer for their bulk brewer. Are Curtis brewers worth taking a look at?


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We use a 3.8 oz per 3 liter pot. The strength is well balanced. It's strong enough in flavor for our coffee lovers, but not offensively strong if you know what I mean. When we first started, however, we where using a much stronger formula. Yes, we had the strongest coffee in town. But...it actually wasn't as enjoyable in the Bunn drip brewer. So we dialed it down, and now we have a better mark up, and the coffee tastes better all around. I don't dial in my brewer based on the coffee I'm brewing. I may get to that one day. I'm not even sure if that's a practice. I'm 3 and a half years new to the coffee world.

My rule of thumb is always 8g per 5oz water adjust to taste, which is on the strong side for many people. Your bad for not doing your homework 7 years ago! 6oz per 2.2L is ~ 11.2g per 5oz water! Roaster did their job, albeit on the shady side IMO, selling you more coffee.

^ nailed it.

6 oz of coffee by volume is almost 2.5 ounces by weight which is near perfect for the 2.2L air pot.  I base this on calibration of grinders to make 2 oz by weight for 60 ounce drip pots (restaurant style).  I asked the guy who was calibrating to let me take home the filter he had just weighed.  I got home and it was 2/3 cup by volume.  2/3 x 8 is 5.333 oz volume.  2.2L is 74.4 ounces of water (weight and volume).  So 74.4/60 x 5.333 is 6.6 oz volume... I'd actually go to 6.5-7.0 ounces volume for the 2.2L air pot.  If you can weigh it shoot for 2.5 ounces.

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