Clever Coffee Dripper: Looking for the Perfect Technique

Hello All,


I own and use numerous coffee brewing systems. My two current faves are the Chemex and the Aeropress brew systems. I've got a couple great techniques for both brewers that work really well. I also own a Clever dripper, but I seem to get mixed results. Sometimes my coffee comes out amazing, other times it comes just decent or even mediocre. This brings me to my question: What is your "perfect technique" for the Clever Coffee Dripper? A technique that's almost fail-proof and works like a charm. Please share.


Provide any helpful info like:

-Grind Setting

-Amount of coffee used (grams please)

-Water Amount (ounces or gram weight if using a scale during brew)

-Water Temp

-Stirring Count & when stirrred

-Steep Time

-Any additional tips or info that you may have discovered using this method.


I will attempt your specified Clever brewing method and post my feedback on each one I try. Let's have fun with this one. Thanks!!

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For Clever, I'd try Jason Dominy's approach. Not sure if this is his latest video, but if it's not I'm sure he'll post the correct link soon.

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