We have a Bunn water tower that we are using for a manual pour-over bar at our shop. Recently, during a high volume period, the water tower started shaking and put off a lot of steam. It sounded like the water was at a rolling boil inside. Initially I thought this was due to the machine working too hard while trying to catch up, but then we had the same problem occur again on sunday when we are closed (not high volume). Does anyone have any thoughts on what the source of the problem could be?

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The loud boiling sound could be scale build up on the elements.

What model do you have?

While Bunn electronics are notorious for failure, I haven't seen over temping as a common problem, unless there's a been a component failure - and then it just over temps all the time.

We have an HX5 water tower. I was looking through the manual, and I am guessing maybe the steam sensor is broken? Or some other electronic. I'd be surprised if it was scale build up since we have only been using the tower for 4 months, and all the water going through is pretty substantially filtered.

Where are you located and what does "pretty substantially filtered" mean?  I ask cause I have customer who's Fetco needs descaling every three weeks.  Filtered and adequately softened are not necessarily the same thing. Have you had the water tested? What's the TDS and Hardness?  Four months is more then enough time to scale the element and cause a boiling noise. It doesn't take much.

1. How old is the unit?

2. What is your set temp?

3. What is the temp of water you are actually getting (measured with properly calibrated thermometer)?

4. Does that temperature change when you hear and see the strange behavior?

5. Does the unit otherwise appear to be operating normally when it does this?

6. Have you noticed anything else unusual about the unit?

7. What are you using for water conditioning?

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