Did anyone go to the La Marzocco Out of the Box conference in Berkley last week and if so did you go to the Mazzer grinder seminar and would you be willing to share any insights they learned?  The title of the seminar was,"Espresso Grinding Science, Particle size distribution of flat vs. conical burrs. Parameters affecting proper grinding."

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Lucky for you i can sum it up in a paragraph or two.

(keep in mind this is an hour class) Class starts, minute one he shows a graph of particle size of flat burrs. minute 2 he over lays a graph of conical burrs. Theres not a whole lot of difference between the two, the conical burrs had a slightly tighter range. minute three and four he explains that dull burrs are bad. minute five and hes done. Seriouslly he has nothing more to say and he opens the flour to questions.

So the next 55 minutes are people asking questions, some of the questions are intesting some are really stupid. It was definally a let down in my opinion. Im not sure if understood before hand that he has an hour to talk or not. So ya thats about it... there were some cool class's at the event, just not this one.

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