How to Modernize Your Cafe Kitchen to Keep up With Coffee Trends

The National Coffee Association reports a staggering increase in the percentage of coffee drinkers. The rapid popularity of this seemingly magic potion affects several aspects of our lives. Coffee trends evolve season after season and year after year. The current list of available coffee brews and flavors is endless. It doesn’t end there. Who would have thought that coffee would one day have its very own aesthetic? Believe it or not, coffee is a mood. Modern cafe-style kitchens are more popular than ever. Keep reading to learn how to modernize your cafe kitchen to keep up with coffee trends.

Choose Good Lighting

Ambient lighting and task lighting are both key ingredients in the look and feel of your modern cafe kitchen. Pendant lights are like jewelry in a cafe kitchen. There are many beautiful options. The height for hanging pendant lights above a table is from 28 to 32 inches. Ultimately, you should consider if each pendant lights will be for ambiance or for completing tasks.

Add An Accent Wall or Feature Wall

You will usually see that one wall in a modern cafe kitchen is very distinctive from the rest. The chalkboard wall is still very popular. However, dark rich earth tones add a perfect touch. Textured walls have also become increasingly popular. You can find beautiful examples of walls done in stone or wood finishes.

Choose Unique Cafe Art and Signage

Word art is a favorite in the modern cafe kitchen. Word art can be humorous, motivating, or thought-provoking. It falls right in line with the cafe aesthetic and all it stands for. Admittedly, there is no limit to the number of words it would take to explain exactly what that is.

Install a Kitchen Island

It is desirable to have a kitchen island. This can serve as a focal point and will be extremely useful in many ways. An island is great for functionality and storage. It also serves as a display piece. A top choice is an island with a sink and plumbing connections. This ideal type of kitchen island provides the most convenience.

The recent craft revolution of coffee has sparked trends that are expected to last indefinitely. There are micro-roasters, unique brewing equipment, espresso drinks, cold brews and more. There is an interesting and recognizable manifestation of the modern aesthetic of coffee. Although the aesthetic is almost impossible to put into words, you can smell it, you can taste it, and you can like pictures of it on social media.

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