4 Iced Coffee Drinks to Include on Your Menu

While a traditional coffee might still be served steaming hot, iced coffee is a trend that doesn’t seem to be slowing down. That means it’s long past time you included these iced coffee options on your restaurant’s menu.

Cold Brew Coffee

This delicious style of iced coffee begins cold and ends cold, resulting in a delicious taste for your customers. It’s becoming more and more popular and essential to include on your menu. 

To produce cold brew coffee, you must combine the coffee grinds with cold water. It is best to use coarsely ground coffee. This mixture is then stirred and left to seep and cool. Then this “concentrate” is strained and served with ice.

Cold brew usually comes out smooth and sweet, making it an excellent choice for customers who want an iced beverage without the normal acidity of a drip-coffee.

Iced Americano

Customers looking for a morning zap will appreciate this strong, sturdy drink that adds a vigorous option to any menu.

A traditional Americano is simply an espresso shot brewed and added to water. This gives the coffee the strength of espresso and the bigger size customers often desire. To make an iced Americano, simply for the espresso shot into a cup with ice, then add cold water and a bit of extra ice on top.

This drink will be a bit stronger than typical cold brew coffee, and also more bitter.

Pour-Over Iced Coffee

This simple option is perfect for smaller restaurants and cafes, giving you the ability to prepare a delicious iced coffee quickly.

Use a pour-over device to mix coffee and warm water and drip it into a cup filled with ice. This process is wonderfully quick and easy.

Because it is brewed with warm water, pour-over iced coffee comes out rich and sweet. This means it is not only easy for the restaurant to produce, but the customers will also love it.

Cappuccino on Ice

This creamy delight will wow customers. Combine normal drip coffee with milk, whisk in vanilla, and pour into a cup over ice.

A cappuccino on ice will be thick and sweet, providing your customers with a perfect treat.

These iced coffee options will be sure to bring your restaurant to the next level, so put that used stainless steel three door commercial freezer to use, and get brewing!

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