4 Reasons to Keep Your Cafe Visually Up-to-Date

If you want your cafe to be the local hotspot for working, hanging out, and checking in on social media, keeping it visually updated is one of the most important things you can do to keep customers coming back. If it's been a while since your cafe had an aesthetic update, here are four reasons why you should consider giving it a facelift.

Increase Walk-ins and Foot Traffic

A vibrant exterior that screams, "come inside, it's fun in here" is just what you need to attract tourists and passersby into your cafe. If your storefront is bland with no clear signage or branding, you aren't going to catch the eyes of people wandering by your cafe. Repaint your storefront and put out a sign that draws people in to enjoy the tasty treats you have to offer.

Boost Social Media Check-ins

Whether they are visiting their regular hangout spot or trying someplace new, people love to check-in on Facebook and Instagram. Since social media is photo-based, the inside of your cafe needs to be photogenic and visually pleasing. Neat tables and wall paint that pops provide your customers with the perfect backgrounds to snap photos of your latest latte and share the news with all their friends.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

No one wants to sit in a boring cafe while sipping their five-dollar latte. When your customers come to your cafe, they want to enjoy the atmosphere just as much as their fancy coffee. Keeping your cafe updated will keep your customers happy and improve your ratings. Did you know that 64 percent of people consult internet ratings before trying out a new place? Providing your customers with an aesthetic experience is sure to land you a higher rating and more business. Whether it's repainting the walls or putting down a new floor with the help of Archway Brick and Tile, you can improve your cafe's appearance one project at a time.

Create an Attractive Brand

Customers want to support brands they love. When someone falls in love with a brand, they will promote it for free by snapping photos of themselves using the products or checking in at the brand's location. Keeping your cafe visually updated allows you to create a look for your brand that's different from the other cafes in your area. This makes customers more likely to come back and become loyal to your cafe. Pick a theme for your interior design that correlates well with your logo, slogan, and business ideals.

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