4 Ways Coffee Has Changed With The Modern Millennial

While Millennials have often been said to be quite unique, there are some traditions that Millennials enjoy that were popular among former generations. Among these traditions is the love for a great cup of coffee. To a Millennial, coffee is not simply a drink you take at home alone. The modern Millennial is hip to the idea that coffee is a social event to be shared with friends, much like the rest of their heavily influenced social-media lifestyle. Millennials are starting to leave their own stamp on the modern coffee trends. Here are a few ways Millennials are changing the face of coffee today.


Millennials Demand Variety

While in past generations a cup of coffee was typically black and plain, the modern Millennial will settle for nothing less than an entire range of coffee varieties to choose from. From how the beans are roasted to the exotic flavors infused into a favorite blend, millennials have many more options to personalize their coffee today.


Having Tea In Your Coffee

When it is hard to decide if you want tea or coffee, Millennials today are mixing it up with combinations of both beverages all in one. While coffee can provide a hardy dose of caffeine, many teas can be mixed in to provide key antioxidants that make it possible to get an energy boost and other health benefits along the way. This is just another way Millennials are placing their own stamp on the coffee industry today.


Cold Brew Coffee

A growing trend among Millennials is to move away from the traditional ice coffee of older generations to the cold brew coffee trend of today. Unlike ice coffee, cold brew coffee is not heated first to produce the cold flavor of warm coffee. Rather, cold brew coffee is produced by soaking coffee beans for numerous hours. Eventually, the water picks up the flavor of the beans and does not tend to carry the bitter taste and strong acidity of other forms of coffee.


Coffee On The Go

Given how ways of rapidly brewing a quick cup of coffee to go have increased in modern times, the modern Millennial is hooked on K-cup pods: such those offered by 11th Street Coffee. Not only do Millennials like their coffee on the go, but they are the first generation to make a lifestyle habit out of ordering coffee with smartphone apps as well.


Many generations have made coffee a key part of their daily routine. Even if Millennials are particular about their need for fresh brewed coffee each day, the modern Millennial has truly given love for coffee its own unique spin in these modern times. From the practice of drinking cold brew coffee to ordering the latest specialty flavor to go, Millennials have made coffee an integral part of their own broader identity.

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