3 Design Tips For The Perfect Home Coffee Station

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If you like coffee at any time during the day or evening, then consider making a coffee bar in the home. Entertaining guests, especially in the winter months, is fun when you can offer warm beverages in many flavors as you want to include a variety of creamers and coffee blends in your bar. As you’re designing your bar, there are a few fun things that you can include as well as a few functional items that you want to make sure you have for the family and anyone who might come over who enjoys coffee.


The decorations that you use should blend with the rest of the room. A benefit is that the coffee bar doesn't have to go in the kitchen. It could be placed in a living room, a den or anywhere else where you enjoy coffee. Create a menu on a chalkboard that details the kind of coffee that you have. Add a few coffee mugs and other decorations that would make you think that you're in a coffee shop, such as a book or two or a chair nearby with comfortable pillows. You want to create a space that's relaxing. It should be somewhere you can make a cup of coffee, espresso, hot chocolate or another drink that will soothe the body and soul at any time of the day or year.

Gather Your Supplies

One of the things that you're going to need is a coffee maker. The appliance should be a size that accommodates the amount of coffee that you drink or that you serve when entertaining. A Keurig machine is a good investment because you can use K-Cups, like those offered by 11th Street Coffee, with the machine. These small cups come in many flavors, such as donut blends, Italian roast and even a few name brands that you would normally get in large packages. Other supplies that you'll need are mugs, stirrers, sugar and any other kinds of flavorings that you want to include in your coffee.

Offer Extras

Aside from coffee, you want to have something else to enjoy. Set up a tray of cookies or other sweet treats in the morning. Another idea would be to set up a stand with various kinds of fruit. This would be a different way to get the morning started if you don't want to eat a large breakfast. Muffins are another item that you might want to have sitting on the bar.

A coffee bar in the home is something that will likely have everyone talking. Decorate with items that blend with the theme. Think about the people who might come to the home and drink with you as you want to have enough beverages to offer.

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