3 Coffee Recipes To Brighten Your Morning Routine

For some people, drinking a cup of coffee in the morning is the only way to get the day started. It could be a cup that is black without any kind of sugar or cream, or it could be a cup of coffee that has everything from caramel syrup to whipped cream. No matter how you like your coffee, there are a few recipes that you might want to try to get your morning started off bright. Most of the recipes that you read about can be tweaked to include the ingredients that you enjoy, such as substituting chocolate for caramel.


Gingerbread Coffee

If you like the smells and flavors of the holidays, then a cup of gingerbread coffee will give you a warm sensation. This is a recipe that makes it feel like you have dunked a piece of gingerbread into your coffee cup. Prepare your coffee like you normally would, but add half of a teaspoon of cinnamon, nutmeg and allspice to the cup. You can mix everything together in a pot on the stove to make it easier to stir. Add a tablespoon of molasses and half a teaspoon of ginger as well. When the coffee is gently boiling, pour it into a cup before adding just a small amount of cinnamon and whipped cream.


Flavored Coffee

Drinking a plain cup of coffee can get most people started in the morning. However, there are flavors, like those offered by Monin, that you can add if you want something a little different. You can find everything from caramel to fruit flavors that include blueberry and strawberry. Searching online will often give you the best results when you want to find the unique flavors or the combinations. All you have to do is add a few drops into your cup before stirring to get the flavor that you like. Adjust the number of drops that you add based on how strong you want the flavors to be in the coffee.


Peppermint Patty

The scent and the taste of peppermint is enough to get your mind going in the morning. Combine the flavor of peppermint patty with your cup of coffee for a rejuvenating drink. You'll begin with eight ounces of brewed coffee. Add two tablespoons of cocoa and half of a teaspoon of peppermint extract. Don't add a lot of the extract as it can make it too strong. Don't forget the milk and sugar added to taste before stirring the coffee.


From coffee that tastes more like candy to a cup that is plain and simple, there are numerous recipes to try in the morning. When you find a few recipes that you enjoy, consider making a list of the coffees so that you have something different every morning. You could also package some of your favorites to give to friends and family so that they can enjoy a nice cup of coffee as well.

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