4 Tricks to Making Cafe-Style Coffee in Your Own Home

A nice cup of coffee is how many people get each day started. You might enjoy the flavor additions that you can add or the burst of energy given by the caffeine to get you through the day. Instead of boring coffee, spice up each cup by making cafe-style brews that will make you think you’ve left home to grab your favorite treat.

The Right Equipment

Before brewing your coffee, you need to invest in the right kind of equipment. Get a scale to measure the beans or the coffee grounds that you use so that you get just the right amount of flavor in each cup or pot. If you want to use whole beans, then invest in a grinder so that you don’t have to take them somewhere to grind them. Get a mug or a cup that can hold both hot and cold coffees depending on what you like to drink.


The way that you brew coffee can make a difference in the flavors that you taste. A coffee pot that you put on the stove often tends to deliver stronger flavors and a darker coffee. Drip pots tend to get the flavor spread evenly, but it can be hard to get the strong flavors that you might enjoy from your coffee because of the larger amount of water that is in the pot. Use filtered water when brewing to get a clean taste, especially if you have hard water that contains a lot of chemicals.

All in the Coffee

It’s sometimes better to get whole coffee beans, from a respectable coffee supplier, instead of grounds because they hold their flavor better. You can order a variety of coffee bean flavors online, giving you an opportunity to try something new each week or each month. When you store the beans that you get, make sure the container is airtight to keep the beans fresh and flavorful.


Choose your additions carefully when making cafe-style coffee. Liquid creamers are often better than powdered creamers when you’re looking for a flavor to pair with the flavor that comes from the coffee beans that are used. Spices are better to use than creamers if you want a pure flavor, such as cinnamon.

When you’re ready to make a cup of coffee in the morning or as a treat in the evening, make sure your supplies are in order. Use the freshest ingredients possible as well as those that have the purest flavor. Examine the equipment that is used as well, cleaning the pots used to brew at least every other day so that the oils don’t settle on the bottom of the container.

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