Coffee is a great way to wake up your body when you’re having a rough morning start. It's also a drink that many people enjoy throughout the day as their tasty beverage of choice. If you're one of these people, you may be wondering about the best ways to enjoy coffee even on broiling hot summer days. Here are a few tips that can help you enjoy coffee all-year ‘round.

Hot Drinks Can Keep You Cool

This tip may sound like a contradiction, but we promise that it is true. Sweating is an important part of how our bodies keep us cool when the weather gets warm. Grabbing a hot coffee on an equally hot day does add some heat reserves to your body. However, drinking this coffee can also increase how much you sweat. Sensors in your mouth or throat register the heat from the coffee and make you sweat more to compensate. Just make sure you're not wearing heavy clothing that might prevent the sweat from evaporating and cooling you down.

Grab Iced Coffee

Even if you’re not interested in sweating out the heat, you can still enjoy your caffeine fix on hot summer days. Iced coffees have become increasingly popular. They're a great way to get the boost you want without adding unnecessary heat to your body. Don't forget that just like regular coffee, iced varieties include unique flavors and combinations of ingredients. However, you’ll want to make sure that anything you want to be dissolved fully into the coffee is added first, otherwise, the cold temperature will make it harder for the new additives to mix in completely.

Add Some Cream

Many people like to sweeten their coffee with a dash of cream or milk. If you want to drink hot coffee on warm days, this technique can both enhance the flavor of the beverage and keep the coffee at more tolerable summer temperatures at the same time. The nice thing is, the cream also thickens black coffee and cools it at a slower rate overall. You can stock up on some affordable flavor and cream cups from a place like 11th Street Coffee, keep them chilled for when your coffee is feeling too hot and put them in as needed.

Make a Float

Speaking of cream, Ice cream is another great staple on hot days. There's no reason you can't enjoy the ice cream with the taste of your favorite beverage. This dessert will cool down your coffee and combine the flavors of your favorite roast with the sweet taste of heavy cream. You don’t have to stick with plain vanilla, either. There are a variety of fruits, including strawberries, that taste amazing with coffee. Therefore, you can spread out to strawberry ice cream in your coffee float or any other flavor that piques your fancy.

Coffee is a good choice when you need to get something warm inside you. But as you can see from our tips above, there are ways to enjoy its goodness even when you don't need an extra boost to your body heat. Find ways to combine your favorite cool flavors, creams, and even ice cream to help turn winter’s favorite drink into summer’s new creamy cocktail.

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