How to Retain Your Coffee Shop Customers When the Weather Heats up Again

Once the outdoor temperatures start to rise, you might begin to notice that our coffee shop customers are dwindling. While your business is sure to drop a little bit during the hottest months of the year, there are a few simple and inexpensive steps that you can take to attract more customers to your coffee shop during the summer.

Boost Your Lineup of Iced Drinks

One of the easiest ways to attract new clientele to your coffee shop is to add a variety of drinks to your menu. Many people enjoy iced coffee drinks throughout the year, and you probably won’t have to invest in any new equipment or ingredients to make those beverages. Adding a few types of iced tea or some fresh juice to your menu is another option that you might want to consider during the sweltering summer months.

Upgrade Your AC

Many business owners don’t realize just how important it is to keep the ambient temperature inside a store at a comfortable level. If your current air conditioner can’t keep up with the rising outdoor temperatures, then it is time to contact a company that offers AC installation services. A new AC unit can usually be installed within a day or two, and that investment could have a huge impact on your profits in the coming months.

Tint the Windows

Even with an upgraded AC unit, you might still want to make sure that your windows are as efficient as possible. Adding a high-quality tint to all of the windows will limit how much sunlight gets through, and that will make your customers much more comfortable. Tinted windows are also going to minimize sun damage to all of your chairs and tables.

Offer Shaded Outdoor Seating

According to a recent study carried out by the Simons Advisory Group, outdoor seating can increase your revenues by as much as 30 percent. When you are designing your outdoor space, you need to keep a few different variables in mind. That includes which directions the winds usually blow and the path of the sun through the sky. Customers probably aren’t going to relax outside if they are sitting in direct sunlight or being blasted by the wind.

Whenever you make any changes to your business, you should always keep a close eye on how it is impacting your bottom line. Keeping track of how those changes are affecting your business will allow you to make well-informed decisions in the coming years.

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