4 Pieces of Equipment Every Coffee Shop Needs to Upgrade

Coffee shops are beloved neighborhood establishments that draw in people from all walks of life. The calm lighting, cozy atmosphere, and scent of coffee coalesce into an inviting allure that keeps your coffee shop busy from dawn to dusk. Throughout the life of your coffee shop, you will have equipment that becomes too old to keep up with the demands of your business. Four pieces of coffee shop equipment most likely to need an upgrade are detailed below.

Espresso Machines

Your coffee shop creates hundreds of gourmet espresso drinks a day. While you clean and perform regular maintenance on your espresso machines as often as is needed, they will eventually begin to malfunction due to prolonged use. More to the point, espresso machine manufacturers are constantly improving upon their previous models. The espresso machine you purchased two years ago just might be a few models behind with regards to improvements and technology. You should always inspect the marketplace for new espresso machines that will improve the taste of your coffee and the speed at which it brews.

Cash Register

Although the term “cash register” is antiquated, that doesn’t mean your point of sale system has to be antiquated as well. Long gone are the days where you have to learn and fumble through a point of sale system that has manual buttons similar to that of a typewriter. The point of sale systems on the market today have been created using cutting-edge technology to expedite digital purchases, precisely calculate sales totals, and communicate with other digital systems. Updating your point of sale system means that you can complete sales orders quicker, keep the line moving smoothly, and make your customers happy with their speed of service.

Refrigerated Display Case

Every coffee shop offers sweet treats and soft pastries that are often organized in a refrigerated display case. Refrigerated display cases possess the same cooling compression system as normal refrigerators as well as bright lighting and extensive amounts of shelving. The presence of these different parts leaves refrigerated display cases prone to becoming outdated quickly as sleeker and more energy efficient models are created.

Commercial Microwave Oven

Your commercial microwave oven warms cookies and muffins for your customers. It is an essential piece of equipment in your coffee shop that will need to be updated every few years due to daily wear and tear.

While you’re in the midst of updating your coffee shop equipment, don’t neglect your coffee shop furniture. Updating the tables, chairs, and benches in your coffee shop can improve its interior aesthetic and your customers’ comfort.

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