Cafe Renovation: How to Accommodate Customers When Remodeling

Commercial renovation can benefit businesses and all of their customers significantly. The remodeling process, however, can in many cases lead to temporary inconveniences. If you want to minimize customer hassles, then you need to make a number of essential accommodations. Remodeling projects don’t have to lead to anxiety, uncertainty and bewilderment in the slightest.

Put Clear Signs to Good Use

Signage can be extremely helpful during the commercial renovation process. If you’re remodeling the waiting area in your cafe, guests may not be able to make their way around as they did in the past. You can help them steer clear of confusion, however, by putting clear direction signs up on display. These signs can help them find restrooms, exits and more.

Rent Restroom Trailers

If you’re remodeling your cafe, the restroom may temporarily be out of order. It’s critical to provide your cafe’s visitors with reliable restroom access, though. If you wish to do this, you can look into restroom trailer rentals without a problem. Search for restroom trailer options that are contemporary, spacious, user-friendly, and meticulously clean.

Ask Diners about Their Seating Preferences

Renovation can often be a pretty loud and disruptive process. If you want to accommodate diners at your cafe, you should ask them about noise level preferences. Ask them if hearing renovation work bothers them. If they say that it does, you can opt to seat them in a quieter and more peaceful part of your dining establishment.

Alert Your Customers to Changes in Hours

Renovation work sometimes interferes with normal business hours. If you want to avoid inconveniencing your most loyal customers, you should alert them to any and all possible business hour adjustments. Take note of any changes on your business’ answering machine message. Inform customers of these changes on your official website, Facebook page and Twitter page as well. It can be a nightmare for a customer to visit your cafe only to realize that it’s not yet open for the day. You should do everything you can to notify your customer base regarding business hour changes that may arise.

Cafe remodeling projects can be chaotic, stressful and overwhelming. They tend to lead to amazing results, though. If you want your cafe renovation project to go off without a hitch, you need to keep all the members of your customer base in the loop. You need to go the extra mile to accommodate them as well.

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