Open for Business: 4 Ways to Make Your Cafe More Popular

Everyone loves visiting a favorite café for snacks or meals. As much as the food, however, is the camaraderie and social environment that customers enjoy when patronizing a local eatery or coffeehouse. If you have recently launched a café and want to boost business, try the following tips to make your place the local hotspot. 

Update Your Décor and Atmosphere 
Evaluate your customer base to determine the demographics of those who most often frequent your café. Based on their general age range and interests, decorate your interior with a theme, colors, or style that will cater to the customer base. Select appropriate background music, and adjust servers' uniforms to match the décor. You may want to create a niche theme for branding purposes so customers can readily relate to your café. Menu items should be organized appropriately with names that link to the theme. 

Get Connected on Social Media 
Publish a weekly blog with café updates, customer favorites, and even profile regulars who don't mind being showcased at your establishment. Start a Twitter account to build a following, and do the same for Instagram and Facebook, adding photos of special events like a Halloween party or outdoor barbecue to attract viewers. Keep the website updated and post favorable customer reviews. 

Enhance the Signage 
Make sure outdoor signs are visually appealing and easy to read. Have a licensed electrician install a neon sign for night-time flash, and it can also be used by day, if desired, to increase traffic to your cafe. Indoor signs like a posted menu, marketing slogans, and restroom directions should be clearly printed and posted in an accessible area for convenient viewing. Parking signs should be visible at all hours and in all weather for safety considerations. 

Offer Special Discounts 
Using print ads, customer email lists, and social media, provide occasional coupons for discounts. You might want to sponsor fun events, like a craziest hat contest or a Father’s Day special rate. Home team sports championships are often a cause for celebration. As customers begin to turn to your café for fun times and community activities, they are likely to tell others about your great place. 

Making your café more visible and exciting than the competition will give you an edge that can increase the cafe's popularity. Customers love something new and fun, so give your café a makeover if needed to upgrade your image and your strategy. With minimal effort, you can soon expand your customer base.

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