Learn to know if one is in a group or not!

According to the definition of Mr. Le Bon, the members of a group of people normally behave differently as they were individually. Originally they could be very gentle and kind as individual, but after enrolled in a group, they will behave quite differently, much better or much worse.

As an individual, one may mostly care of himself and has his own target or purpose. such as win a game, and so on. If not, it can be a sight of difference. In this case, they may also do something, which they would never do as individuals.

Such as a lot of things we can see during the Culture Revolution of China, people never care of their own purpose, willingness, and all private things. They may even kill someone for the common reason of the group, because they believe that the group will be in charge of its duty but not their own. Or, they may hurt other people for their own reason without care of human being's rights.

For the people out of the group, they can never understand how people can do it. But, it is never a problem for the people in the group. That is the reason why I would compare "the Culture Revolution" of China with the WWII. Basically, they were happened due to the same reason. That was what I thought twenty years ago, much earlier before I heard about the Le bon's theory.

Unfortunately, this kind of things happens almost everyday, and for many of people.

This is only an initial idea and understanding. I need more time to think about it, and we can talk about it later in another time.

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Comment by Richard Penney on May 31, 2008 at 10:08am
Many years ago, Folks in Social Sciences(?) described this as the "Pink Monkey Theory." The group destroys a person, animal, or society which is perceived as different from the norm of the group. Often, the hate and repulsion a group member displays is in direct proportion to to the lack of belief of that individual member in the norm of the group. So, an individual with no internal commitment to a group is the strongest in their denunciation and destruction the other! They must be über members to hide their failings. Think about things in our own lives. Survival of self is often perceived as all that matters. Heroes are heroes because we perceive them as above the crowd norm in their actions.
Richard / espressme

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