My First Application about Mr. Le Bon's Theory!

From the very start of my study about Le Bon's Theory, I thought what we can do even if we learn and know such a situation.

Today, I recognized one application for it.

In China, in most of authority of industries and societies, there are always related "Expert Groups" for making the necessary policies. Such as medical and hospitals, tele-communications, and so on, the member experts of those groups can be intelligent individually but within the groups, even if they are great in their own reseach field, they became "stupid" or in very low level of intelligence as any of low educated people.


For some of governments, the presidents or leader of the governments normally have their own "expert" consultants, who do their work seperately, not in a specific group. In this way, they can be as great as they can be as individuals.

To avoid more mistake, there should have more "experts" working independently, not be in any groups.

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Comment by Peter Tam on May 24, 2008 at 7:08pm
Email sent, but I am in Guangzhou recently. Contact our colleagues, by dialing 010-84048779 in Beijing, Mr. Zhou.
Comment by Kevin Cuddeback on May 24, 2008 at 10:19am
Hi Peter,

i can't seem to find a good email address for you but I'll be in Beijing from tomorrow (Sunday) afternoon until Tuesday at noon. I'd very much like to connect with you at your coffee workshop or espresso bar. I should have planned this months ago but I'm wondering if you can make time to chat on Monday morning? Please email me directly at

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