The Espresso Quest by Instaurator - New Coffee Industry Book

Hi all, I am excited to tell you about The Espresso Quest, the new book by Instaurator.

The Espresso Quest is an exciting tale of an espresso lover’s quest to find the pure joy experienced in a perfectly prepared cup of espresso coffee.

In the Espresso Quest, Instaurator weaves in tales of how he became enlightened to that perfect espresso, and how his journeys - and people he met along the way — helped him realize that espresso is not something that can be prepared by following a set of rules. Instead it requires passion – of the grower, roasters and barista — to ensure the coffee bean is brought to its purist state.

Join Instaurator as he dives into the intricacies of growing, processing and brewing espresso, revealing how each are necessary to understand if that perfect little cup is to find a place in your heart. Throughout the book he shares memories of his first true perfect espresso, then takes the reader on his journey to seek that sublime taste time and again. Along the road, he recounts his observations, discussions and first-hand experiences in the world of espresso coffee. Through it all, Instaurator emphasizes “Let taste be your guide.” His quest is sure to incite many more passionate discussions about how to best experience that ultimate espresso.

About Instaurator
Instaurator is a coffee and business consultant with a world renowned reputation for his coffee tasting and management expertise. He has been a specialty coffee roaster for 26 years and has established roasting businesses in Vancouver Canada, Tokyo Japan and in Sydney Australia.

He established his own wholesale specialty coffee factory and retail chain of coffee shops now known as Danes Gourmet Coffee, prior to founding Michel’s Espresso in 1999 which has 350 espresso bars. By 2006 Michel’s was rated as the leading coffee chain in Australia by BIS Shrapnel.

As Chairman of the Australian Coffee & Tea Association he was instrumental in establishing the barista training standards currently used by Government Registered Training Organizations nationally.


“The Espresso Quest gives eloquent voice to the passion that drives coffee professionals and enthusiasts”
— Mike Ferguson, Former Chief Communications Officer Specialty Coffee Association of America.

“The book is fantastic. The photos are incredible.”
— Barista Magazine

“The book is beautifully illustrated with photos showing the coffee industry from seed to espresso cup.”
— Roast Magazine

“The Espresso Quest is one man’s journey to find the smooth, rich and complex flavor of a flawlessly prepared espresso. Whether you’re a fan of a perfectly poured espresso, or have yet to acquire a taste for one, you’ll be sure to have an espresso epiphany after reading Instaurator’s book.”
— Laura Everage, former Managing Editor of The Gourmet Retailer

You can PRE-ORDER the book if interested | Ships May 15

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Comment by Spencer on May 8, 2008 at 1:20pm
Purchasing "The Espresso Quest" was on my short list of things I needed to do while at the SCAA! I am so glad that I did. This is truly great book, filled with wonderful stories and information about coffee, and packed with incredible photos. There is pure coffee passion on the pages of this book, and Instaurators enthusiasm for quality is self-evident! This is the newest "must have" book for coffee professionals.

Inny - Thank you for autographing my book!
Comment by Matt Milletto on May 8, 2008 at 12:58pm
It is truly a beautiful book, and it was a pleasure to have Instaurator in our booth at the SCAA show signing books and answering questions. A must have for the coffee library.
Comment by Corey Waldron on May 8, 2008 at 12:32pm
This book is absolutely amazing, there is a revolution starting down under and Instaurator is the commanding officer.
Comment by Bruce Milletto on April 2, 2008 at 7:38am
I-Man ... My pleasure. The coffee world is truly in for a treat once this book leaves the printer and is available for all. I look forward to having my very own copy. It will be on the special shelf with the one signed by the good doctor illy.
I look forward to meeting your young baristas - Your excitement about bringing them is what makes you the amazing guy you are. As you know we are def. hanging out in MN.
Comment by Emily on April 2, 2008 at 12:00am
The book is excellent - not only because of its content, but also its unique approach to sharing information, facts, anecdotes and theories from more than a quarter century in the espresso and coffee industries. The photos are a bonus, and amazingly beautiful. It's lovely to see someone who has done so much for the Australian and international coffee communities has put it all down on paper for many more to experience.

Cheers I-Man :-)
Comment by Instaurator on April 1, 2008 at 10:16pm
Hey Bruce thanks fo the very kind words. Especially the new tag "I-Man" that's an new one! I am actually really looking forward to Minneapolis because even though I have been going to SCAA for ages, I am bringing three young baristas with me who are all totally focused, passionate and hungry to learn and who have never been to an SCAA conference before. Two of them I actually referred to in the book: Mick Keily and Sasha McGinley. Mick is a gun roaster who does sometimes up to 40 roasts a day for me, and does the shots and tastes every batch with me. Sasha is now probably one of the world's most knowledgable baristas when it comes to harvesting and processing coffee. At 21 years of age she managed last year's harvest for Mountain Top. Genaro Benmayor is the other barista who many of you may have met in Tokyo. He is a real gentleman and a seriously unnassuming Gun barista. So if you see them around say a friendly 'hey' to them. Particularly Mick because he's never flown in a plane before!! :) PS I'll get them to join BX too!
Comment by Bruce Milletto on April 1, 2008 at 3:31pm
Everyone attending the SCAA show will be extremely impressed when they see this new book. When Instaurator was in PDX recently visiting Connie @ Roast - Jan @ Fresh Cup and many others... he also spent almost an entire day with us - showing us a mock up of his latest project "The Espresso Quest" - I must tell you I was extremely blown away! This is a book everyone in coffee will want in their library because of it's insight-beauty & it's unique nature. A number of booths will have it including ours. Instaurator is one of those rare people that has so much knowledge and amazing understanding about coffee, but most of all LIFE... that makes spending time with him actually addictive. Congratulations I-Man on a great addition to world wide coffee knowledge. This book is yet a further bi-product of this passion.

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