Nearly a week since it began, it seems so unreal to me, all these great coffee minds bringing their knowledge to the average workaday barista and shop owner. My highlights include:

The organizational help of Gerra Harrigan and the entire New Harvest Crew.

The support of Counter Culture, sponsorship-wise and the talents of their staff.

The AMAZING keynote by Jon Lewis. Time spent and ideas shared with Jon Lewis.

Peter G. showing everyone the face of coffee.

Jamie Schoenhut for incredible support, a perspective we rarely see (green importers), and introducing us to Maggie, who, with her shy and heartfelt demeanor gave us another cause to fight for. (Coffelands Landmine Trust)

Rob Stephen for giving us clues to decipher the Rubik's cube that is the "C" Market.

James Hoffmann in Easton, PA. 'nuff said.

The latte art wizardry of Chris DeFerio, plus his patient and effective teaching style.

Patrick Gabrish of Pacific Foods for knocking one outta the park by footing the bill (plus) for all entrants in the soy latte art contest.

FREE BEER sponsored Magic Hat Brewery.

Daryn Berlin, for being Daryn Berlin!

Jay Cargay for pitching in wherever he could, and scoring some tasty organic, grass fed, free range milk. (courtesy Spike from Woodberry Kitchen)

Brian Ludviksen making all the stuff work.

Phil Proteau for being the Swiss Army Knife of coffee professionals.

Ellie Matuszak for the most comprehensive barista competition possible!

All the people pitching in to do whatever they could to make the event successful! Thank you to all the sponsors, volunteers and participants!!!!!

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Comment by Tim Noble on March 17, 2008 at 7:19am
Troy, this was an outstanding event, and I'm looking forward to many more in the coming years- I'll scout a Philly venue soon!
Swiss Army Knife... So true.
Comment by Jason Dominy on March 12, 2008 at 6:36am
Nice job Troy on putting it all together! I have heard nothing but great things about the weekend! I look forward to your help with putting ours together!

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