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Visiting Friends in Ann Arbor

While in Ann Arbor for the Ross Net Impact Conference at the University of Michigan, Communications Manager, Kyle Freund, visited a few Coffee Kids friends.

Zingerman's Coffee The Zingerman's Community of Businesses is a family of small food related companies in the Ann Arbor area. Each business is operated by one or more managing partners who share ownership and run the business. Kyle met with Allan Liebowitz and Steve Mangigian, managing partners of… Continue

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Coffee taste primer

"Coffee is as complex and interesting as wine. It's also 1/10th the cost. And if you're like me, you drink 5-10x more coffee during a typical week than wine...." Read more

Eyal /ROASTe.com

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do you still have the cart

I am interested in your cart and want to know it you still have the cart for sale?

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Coffee Proverb

Coffee should be black as Hell, strong as death, and sweet as love

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Man on Trial For Coffee Snobbery! Cafe or Kafka?

Razor wire fence claybank jail

“At the end of the day we are likely to be punished for our kindnesses.”

Michael Lonsdale as Jean -Pierre in Ronin.

I represent a client who loves coffee. He was arrested the other night for coffee snobbery.

The cops told his family that he needed help. The policy in these types of domestic coffee cases is one of zero tolerance. They claim he… Continue

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TNT @ Dripolator Coffee Bar 10.15.2009 7pm

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Pictures from the Canadian Coffee & Tea Show 2009


Today is the first day for the Canadian Coffee & Tea Show2009 in Vancouver, BC. Go to the Cirqua Customized Water blog post (the above link) as I will be posting pictures direct from the show on our blog site as captured by our Cirqua Team Member, Stacy Ingram, Executive Coordinator / Special Projects Manager. We are all excited about this… Continue

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Coffee Kids Voice from the Field: Jose (Chepe) Xalix Morales

We arrived at Chepe’s house at 6:55 p.m. just as the sun was beginning to set. He welcomed us and offered us seats while fiddling with the knobs on his radio.

Chepe, 29, is a proud participant in a Coffee Kids-supported literacy and education program managed by the Association for the Sustainable Development of Paraxaj (ADESPA) near the town of Acatenango, Guatemala. Coffee Kids has worked with ADESPA… Continue

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Cecovasa wins the National Quality Competition for the Second Time!

On October 12 in the city of Tingo Maria, a jury of five international cuppers and five of Peru’s best cuppers determined, with 94.68 points, that Cecovasa’s coffee was the best coffee in Peru. The coffee was presented by Wilson Sucaticona from the Tunkimayo sector, a member of the San Jorge Cooperative that is the base of the Association. This was the result of the Third National Quality Coffee Competition organized by the National Coffee Board, the Peruvian Chamber of Coffee and Cocoa, the… Continue

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http://www.letstalkcoffee.org/?page_id=255&language=en Continue

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Adapting to different cafe settings

We have just opened a new cafe inside an International School campus. This cafe is designed to provide quality coffee and cakes (and light foods) to parents, staff and senior students. After the first week I am coming to the conclusion that I kind of underestimated the volume of business as well as the dynamics and menu mix of what customers want.

We knew that compared to our other cafes ticket average would be far lower, volume of drinks a lot higher. What I did not expect was just… Continue

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Mid City Caffe Gets Media Attention

Mid City Caffe has been getting a lot of media attention. We've been written up in the Post a few times and recently DC This Week blog gave Mid City Caffe a shout out in their new-restaurant rundown, plus Mid City Caffe was on NPR's Metro Connection today! Washington City Paper's Tim Carman gives a shout out! This is the coffeeshop where I work on the weekends as a Barista at! Listen here:… Continue

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Is coffee roasted lighter to save money? Take the poll

Starbucks' web site says, "You see, most coffee is lightly roasted as a way to cut costs."

Really? Take the poll.

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How to discover great new coffee micro-roasters?

You can enjoy the largest collection anywhere of coffee micro-roasters on ROASTe.com. And a lot of the micro-roasters are unique finds. They're well worth trying. They're worlds apart from the bitter swill served at places like Starbucks and McDonalds. Here's a brief sample...Read More

Eyal /ROASTe

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Why do I have to drink just 25 milliliters of coffee?

Why do I have to drink just 25 milliliters of coffee? There are moments in which you need to drink and our organism is satisfied only by a high quantity. And in these moments it is possible to commit two crimes: to water down wine and to order a ‘long’ at the bar.

Let go of the first and consider the second. What does happen in the 99% of cases in which you order a long espresso to the barman? He will let the liquid flow from the espresso machine till the cup is full. And if you have… Continue

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Free eBook: Social Network Marketing, 12 Steps for Success

I got this one from a friend last night and read it cover to cover. This should help us all get to the next level in regards to marketing on social networks and social media.

You can download it here:

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Hawaiian coffee and Puerto Rico coffee: siblings!

Recently, Shawn Steiman traveled to Puerto Rico by invitation of their Dept. of Agriculture. He spent a week exploring their Puerto Rico coffee industry. He met farmers, processors, roasters, cafes and government personnel well versed in coffee. They asked him to help them begin a specialty coffee segment of their industry...Read More

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Ribbon cutting ceremony


Pasadena Hispanic Business Council, part of the Pasadena Chamber of Commerce, called us up and wants to do a lay-out on us. On October 20, 2009 at 9:30 in the morning, we're going to get the scissors and cut cut cut! I'm so excited, we're going to be in the local paper!

If anyone wants to join us, we'll be at the Pasadena Chamber of Commerce parking lot, 4334 Fairmont Parkway, Pasadena, TX 77504-3306 with a little table and chairs drinking coffee. We'll even be giving out samples… Continue

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