Cecovasa wins the National Quality Competition for the Second Time!

On October 12 in the city of Tingo Maria, a jury of five international cuppers and five of Peru’s best cuppers determined, with 94.68 points, that Cecovasa’s coffee was the best coffee in Peru. The coffee was presented by Wilson Sucaticona from the Tunkimayo sector, a member of the San Jorge Cooperative that is the base of the Association. This was the result of the Third National Quality Coffee Competition organized by the National Coffee Board, the Peruvian Chamber of Coffee and Cocoa, the Ministry of Agriculture and the Alternative Development Program.

Miguel Paz, who received the award for CECOVASA, said: “This is a triumph for organic agriculture. The winning coffee is certified by the Rainforest Alliance, Imo and Naturland. It is a triumph for all of the producers that work to conserve biodiversity and we want to express our solidarity with our companions from Ayabaca and Huancabamba who recently voted by majority “Yes to Life, No to Abusive and Irresponsible Mining.” This is a victory for the small producer who has the ability and patience of a jeweler as he takes care of his coffee. It is he who has today received a ranking of more than 90 out of 100 points. The Peruvian farmer has the key to quality and to be internationally competitive. Peru’s eight best coffees—not to mention the 40 finalists—are all from small producers. This is the triumph of Fair Trade that demands quality and pays a better price.”

“This is the triumph of our technical department which is made up of 38 professionals, 16 of which are cooperatives, 6 are from Cecovasa, 8 are from the local government, 8 are from the cooperation (PRA, OXFAM GB, Sur Café). Our Association shares this victory with the intelligent cooperation of the United Nations, International Conservation, CICDA and others who offer professionals to our technical department. Our quality control is recognized by the German Cooperation that co-financed two laboratories, one in the Tambopata Valley in the town of Putina Punco and the other in the Inambari Valley. ”

“Today, October 12, is the Day of the Race (Día de la Raza) and Cecovasa and its 4,581 members are the winners. The Quechua and Aymarás races once again confirm the quality of their work. Cecovasa also won the National Competition in 2005. CECOVASA IS A TWO-TIME NATIONAL WINNER.”

Miguel Paz ended by saying, “We want to win a new competition next year. If it is the Cup of Excellence, that would be the best. Peru will win; the producers are organized to work for quality and HASTA LA VICTORIA, SIEMPRE.”

The manager of the National Coffee Board, Lorenzo Castillo, reported that second place was awarded to APROCASSI, whose coffee earned 93.15 points. The 92.3 points earned by the La Divisoria Cooperative earned third place. He added that “Peruvian coffee has won prizes in the United States and Europe, displacing Mexico as the leader in the organic coffee market. He explained that the purpose of this competition is to promote the quality of Peruvian coffee, which has been demonstrated to equal the finest coffees in the world. It is also recognition of the small producers and their efforts to produce special coffees. Another medium-term objective is to determine the profile of Peruvian coffee’s origin according to its sensory characteristics, systematizing the steps—from the plantation to the cup—that are needed to obtain a quality coffee. He said that the top winners would be auctioned to the most important international roasters, who would offer a special price that has reached as much as $650 per hundred pound bag. This time it is anticipated that the price will reach $1,000 per hundred pound bag when the current average price is $130.

Rolando Cañas, head of the cupping team, emphasized the high quality of the coffees that competed. He affirmed that good Peruvian coffee is “Elegant and refined with a floral aroma and hints of chicha morada and cocona.” Peru is the winner of this competition.

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