Whats up BX!    So I just opened Milli Joe, a coffee shop in Charlottesville VA,  & we've been having huge success with our pour overs.  People just love Counter Culture's Ethiopians Haru and Kiienso Mokonisa   I've been asked by at least a dozen ppl where they can get a V60, and I've had a few conversations about quality home grinders.   Crazy as it sounds I've been sending all my customers to seatle coffee gear, espresso parts.com, or Mudhouse (another cool coffee shop which is a few blocks away).      its nice to be able to point ppl in the right direction but I'd rather be able to offer them something myself.  As a business owner following today's free pour over tasting event where I gave away a fair amount of coffee sending ppl online or across the street to buy gear is just a little painful.    Can anyone help me out?  Anyone out there know where I can get some of this stuff wholesale?     



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For grinders contact the folks at Baratza. Great home/light commercial grinders at a variety of price points. They have a good wholesale program and I've been really happy with them.

For misc brewing stuff, contact the various retailers and ask about reseller discounts. You may need to put together a $200+ orders to get any sort of discount though.

Sweet thank man. Baratza looks like they are going to work out great, espresso parts has the best reseller prices but at min orders of $500+!!     thinking it is still worth it even if it takes a long time to regain my investment; I do want to become the place my customers can look to for all things in specialty coffee which will create loyalty for things like weekly whole bean purchases and morning coffees etc.       Thanks again

Congrats Nick on getting the shop going and introducing people to great coffee! Baratza is fantastic for a pour over grinder. I'd also recommend getting in touch with Chris over at prima coffee. They do great deals when you buy in quantity and will even break cases to get you what you need.

Gear showed up today!   thanks Patrick for the Prima Coffee referral.  Chris is awesome, really helpful and the equip got here fast just in time for my next tasting tomorrow morning.  


Glad it worked out for you! Keep up the pour over love!!!

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