I've had the word "Bucaramanga" stuck in my head for a week now. What's stuck in yours?

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One of my all time favorites is India Mysore Nuggets Extra Bold. Currently have an Organic Sumatra Mandheling Rimbun Putra that makes me chuckle too.
Got to be Huehuetenango. With Yrgacheffe coming a close second
I don't have a favorite or bizarre term, but I do have a few that I can't stand!!! Misto and Frappucino- what the hell is that??!!! ugh!
I like the word Pergamino, it refers to green cofee beans that have not been milled and still retain their outer covering of parchment like skin. They are also referred to as "Parchment" coffee!

Another bit of coffee terminology I like is the term "Sultan" coffee, it refers to green coffee beans that still retain some of the coffee cherry attached to the seed. The coffee cherry provides some natural sweetness. I believe that this type of coffee is only pan roasted in a few arab countires. I do not think it can make it through a standard roasting machine.

My favorite use of coffee terminology happens to be the oldest coffee blend name known to mankind, Mocha-Java 8-)
"Your not right." and "I'm through with you." My kitchen manager tells me everyday... but I'm glad she's just pick'n on me.

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