Just out of curiosity, if you have a machine at home (and it's likely that most of us do), what's your setup like? Further, what other brew methods do you use? Chemex, Press, Syphon, etc. What's your favorite coffee toy in your kitchen?

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We have an astoria CKXE,Mini Mazzer Manual. Dont use them that often as the roastery is like 5 minutes down a very quiet road. More often just turn to the trusty French Press and use the Mazzer to grind fresh.
No, I dont use a machine at home. Never heard of a home espresso machine that could pull awesome shots like a commercial machine. Not in my price range anyway. My roommates and I use single cup drip brew cones at home. Simple and brews a delicious cup. I'm designing a multi-station pour over brew bar for our kitchen countertop. And I've also asked santa for a french press this christmas. c[_]
I have a pour over and Virtuosa grinder for my morning cup and a classe 6 Rancillio Lever and a Compack K-6 grinder in the basement where I'm building my own personal espresso bar. It's almost done and I'm soo excited to have my first espresso in my own basement.
Straight-up plastic pour-over! I've been lurking eBay and craigslist for a cheap high-end grinder, but no avail as of yet. There's just something better about the pour-over style, and I finally have it dialed in to the exact ratio that I like. Though, we may see what the holidays bring: c'monnnnn Chemex!
i just took home a new chemex to add to my collection - i like it quite a bit, it's clean and easy at home, a plastic pour-over is always trusty though. i've got a capresso infinity grinder as well...
Although I have an Isomac Venus w/ mazzer mini, I use my AeroPress about as much if not more often than the espresso machine. I can get decent shots out of the Venus, it just takes a lot of effort/warm up time/temperature surfing to do so.
I've got a modded Silvia and a Maestro. I sold my Mazzer mini a while back when I was strapped for cash. A new grinder is on the way. Not sure what yet though. Outside espresso, I usually just press, but I have an aeropress and vacpot too.
French press, Melitta drip cone, Aeropress, Black and Decker burr grinder, DeLonghi EC-155 espresso machine. The espresso machine was a gift from an as-yet-unknown benefactor, so I think it's great! The B & D grinder does ok on drip grind, but can't grind espresso. So I have to think ahead, carry plastic zip bags, and grind while at work.....I know, it isn't as good, but hey, until I can get a Vario, it will have to do!
1 qt. Saucepan, Conical Permanent Filter from my unused Auto-drip maker, an inexpensive but serviceable burr grinder (couldn't tell you what brand right now even though I see it every day!!), and thermometer. This setup was originally meant to approximate coffee from a French Press, but it's waaaayyy thicker, heavier, grittier. I just steep the coffee for 4 min. and strain it into my cup, already prepped with about 2 tbs. of half and half in the bottom. I have a French Press now, but the product of it is a little too 'clean'-tasting to me after a few years of my stovetop hobo coffee! I like a good sedimentary suspension in the cup.
Expobar Brewtus II with dual boiler and PID, and a Masser Mini for the wife's mocha and my capp. This combo makes as good a shot as you'll get anywhere. For the drip it's a Technivorm Moccamaster. Roasting can be done in the Hearthwares i-Roast but it's really just more of a novelty item.
Direct plumbed Fiorenzato Bricoletta, (which if you read Malachi's H-B Pro's review confirms what I know, it's capable of exceeding stock Linea in the cup and temp surfing made easy with Eric's digital E61 thermometer) paired with mod'd Rocky (which if you've read the H-B Titan grinder shoot-out you see is capable of matching and even beating a Robur in the cup, though of course not as easily or consistently). Twice in 9 years I've attempted to replace Rocky with a SJ but counter space is just too limited. Bric' comes on 4:30am and goes off 9pm by timer so never any waiting for warm-up, unless I get up WAY early!

While I have numerous press pots, Beehouse pour overs, Royal Versailles Balance vac brewer , Ibrik, moka pots, choreador (peasant Costa Rica coffee sock), blue speckled "cowboy" coffee pot 99% of 'coffee' is pulled with the Bric'.

Favorite? The 14kg plated Versailles makes a beautful table centerpiece (nice cup too when very occasionally used.) But equally favorite for uniqueness is the choreador.
Chemex and FP with a Cuisinart burr grinder (i can't wait to get my hands on a legit WB grinder!!!!!). For espresso, I have a La Pavoni Europpicola (chopped off the spouts which made it much easier to gauge shots), custom fitted copper Reg Barber, and Mazzer mini! Also moka pots but I rarely use them. Usually it's a toss up between the Chemex or the La Pavoni.

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