I work in a micro roasting coffee company that pursues sourcing the world's finest green coffee and roasting that coffee in a way that showcases its inherent traits. I enjoy amazingly complex and multifaceted coffees quite frequently and we strive to maintain a good contingency in our offerings. However, I must go on record as admitting that I guiltlessly enjoy simple coffee on a regular basis. Case and point; our Mexican coffee from Chiapas. Some might say it lacks "needed complexity", but I can't resist enjoying its moderate acidity and body with a common note of brown sugar sweetness. It's easy to drink and has an amazingly pleasant aftertaste

What simple coffees have you enjoyed/are you enjoying? What do you love about it/them?

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Probably the best coffee I've had this year was a bag I ordered from Square Mile roasters. It was a 12 oz. bag of their Bolivian Colonia San Juan. It was very balanced and very sweet, with only the slightest hint of toffee. As James Hoffman might say, it was a tasty coffee. Very approachable, very easy to drink, and hard to stop drinking. My favorite part about these coffees in general is that they don't take a lot of thought or concentration to dig into. While I usually prefer something bright and fruity, there is something cathartic about drinking something that presents itself fully in every sip.
My favorite at the moment is an El Salvador lot from Barefoot. Its from Malacara B, the Lot 91 washed bourbon. Well balanced and straightforward. Maple body, with a butter spicy rum note flowing throughout. Clean, clear, acidity. Awesome french pressed or Siphoned first thing in the morning.
I really liked the Yirg. from Alliance World Coffees. I started brewing it as a french press 7 days out of roast and the acidity had mellowed perfectly ... after that point it took on some nice caramel and cinnamon notes...but over all they were all whispers of nuance...allowing me to enjoy, recognize what I was tasting, and then to think about other things besides what I was tasting.
It was nice.
-Chris Deferio
I came into work today craving a dark roast (I think because of the gloomy weather outside) so I am now enjoying a french press of one of our dark roast blends. The blend of Colombia, Guatemala and Sumatra is very full bodied and chocolatey with notes of carmel and nuts and just enough smokiness. The Sumatran was taken 45 seconds into 2nd crack and the Colombian and Guatemalan were both dropped right at 2nd.
I love Mexican Chiapas as well. I think it makes a great SO espresso as well. Most centrals are great every day drinking coffees. I have had some great Colombian coffees that are great for drip but not so much for espresso. I like coffee that tastes like coffee, sometimes trying to get subtle flavors to emerge from coffee makes it taste a bit sour or green tasting.
I feel exactly this way about Ethiopia Sidama from PTs. It's the definition of fruit-forward/backward/sideways. When hot, it's a zinger with sparkly crispness like green apples and fresh strawberrys. As it cool, it develops more sweetness and takes on a blackberry tone with subtle cinnamon in the finish, up in the nasal cavity, and increases in "gulpability." It's rare to find a natural that I want to guzzle but PTs roasts this so lightly that the usual deep fruit and syrupy body become refreshingly light and clear. I'm sure that someone with a more refined palate would find even more to appreciate about this coffee but for now I'm just enjoying a cup that I don't have to try to feel smart around.
I am a micro coffee roaster and I enjoy Mexican Oaxaca. I roast it FC sometimes FC+ and it taste good. Sometimes it's just nice to say "I like this coffee. It tastes good".
El Injerto mixed Catuai/Bourbon... roasted... haha... "medium." (It is a thread on simple coffees). Mike could comment more on the roasting if he catches this thread.

It's exactly what DeMarse is speaking to... such a (almost painfully) simple coffee without being even the least bit boring. It's like there's no need to go on the "flavor hunt." It's just... there... hitting you with it's "coffeeness."

I could drink it everyday.

That's great that you guys are talking about the Chiapas in all its simple grace! I've been roasting an FTO Chiapas and playing with it quite a bit trying to find a roast profile to bring a bit more body out of it, and struck gold in the shot. I'm melange blending for an SO and am getting the sweetest toffy caramel and butter... oh the buddah!

I'm adding 5% to 10% Sumatra tonight roasted full city + to see if I can coax a bit of spice and smoke out of it... but yes.. I'm enjoying it quite a bit as well ;)
When we had our FTO Chiapas up it was our number one seller. It's such an approachable coffee.

As stark, stark contrast, today I am drinking Haile Selassi Sidamo... :) About as 'unsimple' as you can get, lol. Just found out that Verve is roasting this as well. Can't wait to get some of that to see their interpretation of it verses ours... should be interesting for sure.


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