What's your process or recipe?

Right now we are using Guittard powder and combining it with our "House Vanilla" (which is just simple syrup and pure vanilla extract). We use a drink whisk to break down the cocoa clumps until they are liquid-y and then pull the shots over top of that but I would much rather just dedicate an hour or so of the week to creating a big batch of chocolate.

I know some other people out there have to be using the same stuff, it's Guittard after all. So what do you all do? Have a specific recipe of water/sugar/cocoa/vanilla I should know of? What process do you use to break it down?

I really appreciate any help.

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The thing I've noticed (in closed experiments) is that a squeezie of homemade chocolate sauce will grow green fuzzies in under a week. Keep that in mind as you contemplate dispense options. Other than that, I have little to offer. Looking for a better process myself.
I use this recipe to make chocolate syrup: http://tinyurl.com/clwyma

What is the benefit to making your own sauce? Taste? Cost?
Devon said:
What is the benefit to making your own sauce? Taste? Cost?

Is it that much cheaper then the Guittard sauce... because their sauces are wonderful! I guess the shipping cost would add up, storage space is another issue.

Brady, does it turn green in a week if refrigerated when hot in use? What have you found to be a good batch size?

Jason Haeger said:
Devon said:
What is the benefit to making your own sauce? Taste? Cost?

When it comes to cost, I know that buying "powdered" cuts cost atleast by half...but taste wise, it all depends on how you mix it inot the drink.
Thanks for the recipe, Robert. Perhaps that's the missing link - the boil. I bet that'd improve shelf stability. I personally prefer a little higher cocoa:sugar ratio.

Bryan, missed this first time reading the op, but we do a slurry in the frothing pitcher with powder and boiler water, stir to paste, then add milk and steam. Time consuming but a good smoothness.

Refrigerating the sauce helps with the fuzzies, as does using up the contents of the dispenser in the course of a day or two. Lots of guys just use squeezies and train for better consistency. I'd wanted a refrigerataor-friendly pump dispenser. Still contemplating, but getting closer.

Yes Denise, depending on the chocolate/cocoa used it can be far, far less than the premade sauces. Even better than half the cost. Run a quick cost using the recipe he posted if you don't believe me. Plus you can develop a house recipe - blend of different cocoas and chocolate that will be impossible to reproduce. Absolutely worth the development time and effort.

Good thread.
Thanks for the responses guys. I'll give the recipe a try Robert.

Anyone else have a secret recipe they would like to make less secret?


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