Has a customer asked you a question or say something that was completely out of line? Let us know here. The most common questions and phrases will become an article for my blog.


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Customer: "um, what's the difference between a 20 oz and a 16 oz"

Me: "4 oz."


Customer: "how big is your 20 oz?"

Me: "20 oz"

Oooooooooooooooooooh my favorite.

Customer: "do you have something like a vanilla latte?"

Me: "nope. sure don't lady. what do you think this is? a caffe?"

For this question, it's more about visually seeing the difference in sizes is all they mean.

Brandi Heath said:

Customer: "um, what's the difference between a 20 oz and a 16 oz"

Me: "4 oz."


Customer: "how big is your 20 oz?"

Me: "20 oz"


Thank you for bringing this conversation/topic back around to where it belongs. We Barista's as educators and advocates of product quality and great customer service. Instead of looking down on or making fun of customers for not knowing the basics and asking questions in hopes of an intelligent informative response from a professional coffee person. Most of what I'm reading here on this thread is joking sarcasm directed to or about the very people that make our coffee world turn. Are you all so bored with your jobs or??????????

I was hoping this thread would die off but since it hasn't I'll be on my way to other more worth while threads here on BX which there are many of. Flame off.... Rand over.


John Berkness said:

I think it is really important for us to remember that our customers are people, even if they are inadequate with thier taste in coffee. For them, it is one thing they do in thier long days. To us, it is what we do all day. We gotta remember no matter how good our coffee is. We're still just slangin' coffee. God I love the service industry. I try to remind myself and my co-workers this everytime it gets frustrating. We have to be knowledgable and educate without sounding snobish, as well as relaxed without being slobbish.


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