Hi All,

I wanted to let you know that Darth Vader showed up today here at bX headquarters and is about to begin his fun filled life of traveling to bX member coffee shops/roasteries.

I want to write more about it soon when I have time but here is the gist of it.

Darth will spend this week here in Portland partying at the USBC, ABC School and maybe some coffee houses. After the festivities are over he will be sent to an undisclosed recipient who's coffee shop is listed in the bX "Coffee Shops" forum, or to someone who is active on bX. (Tony may be this first person as he is the inspiration behind the project.)

I will be also buying a journal that will go with Darth V so that his travels can be logged. Before sending him to the next place it will be required to post a picture and the journal entries here in bX. This book can also work as an autograph book of sorts, as we will try to get Darth V to all big industry events, and maybe even send him on his forst international excursion, leaving the WBC with an international competitor.

Tony and I discussed Coffee Kids somehow playing a role in this, and I am sitting next to Rob Tuttle here in Portland who thought it would be cool if we can maybe host Darth in a cafe for a week, with a donation jar or cards talking about Coffee Kids or other coffee charities.

More to come from Darth V this week as the USBC starts to formulate ...

- Matt

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I'm in with Greg that Darth would love it in Sedona, AZ. Just a thought....
Excited to see all of the people interested in Darth. Was thinking a road trip might be in order to hand deliver Darth. Austin or Sedona might be appropriate methinks... -kyle@Coffee Kids
Yes, yes. I know Greg and I could fight over him for a day each or something. Then pass it on. Maybe?
Brilliant!!! A vader vacation

Darth Vader joined me at my part time barista gig at Santa Fe Coffee Works owned by retired Coffee Kids Founder Bill Fishbein. Just chilling, cutting bagels. -kyle@Coffee Kids
Hey Lisa, Are you still game for hosting Darth Vader on his next stop of the journey? Was thinking about making a road trip out to Austin to see some friends during SXSW and we could hand deliver the Dark Lord. Would be great to check out the shop too. -Kyle@Coffee Kids

Lisa Kettyle said:
Send him here!!!!! We are a spaced themed shop and have a big ol' R2 on our window ledge. : ) We'd love to take pics, show him around Austin and send him on his way!

I think Darth Vader has about overstayed his welcome here in Santa Fe with the Coffee Kids gang. Also think that he ought party with everyone in Anaheim. Looking for another shop that plans on attending the SCAA to be the next notch in Vader's ample belt. Let us know if you're interested.

DARTH IS BACK ON THE MOVE.  We are the worst.  Seriously.  We sent him on to some good people in Chicago... you'll find him next weekend I'm sure.  :)
I wonder if M. Vader's papers are in order for a cross border stint in Canada...
Awesome Stephanie, I'll look for him next week! Glad he is on the move again.
brilliant!!!!  muhahaha
We would love to host him!

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