Hello fellow baristas, I will be in the Salt Lake City Utah area in the next few weeks and was hoping I could get some suggestions on some good coffee shops to stop by, and possibly places that roast in house. Look forward to the suggestions.


Thank you


-Andrew G. 

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I was in Salt Lake a few weeks ago, wondering the same thing. I went to a few shops, nothing too exciting, then I tried Caffe d'Bolla. That place is an experience every serious coffee geek should have. Check it out, tell me what you think.

Thanks Stephen!

I couldn't have said it better myself.




We roast everything on site in small batches, and we do espresso based drinks and siphon coffee. No drip coffee here! We are HERE.


FYI we will only be open from 9a-3p on Memorial Day. Our normal hours are about 8:30a until 6pm Mon-Sat.


We'd love to have you! 


For sure go see John P at Caffe d'Bolla. Also check out Coffee Noir and L.A. Tart.
Sounds like Coffee Noir is under new ownership, and heard they have switched roasters from PT's. Visit at your own risk. :)

Also check out Nobrow 300 South about 300 East.  Joe used to use only Intelligentsia, but now buys beans from a bunch of places including Coava, Barefoot, and Ritual to name a few, pulls shots on an EE Linea.  I spend most of my time at Nobrow; not the geekiest but Joe loves to talk shop. 

And the Rose Establishment on 235 South 400 West (forgot what coffee they use); Rose is new in an old dairy warehouse, pulling shots on a paddle Linea.  

D'Bolla is the place for the siphon experience--bubble tea as well. Definitely the über geek shop in town. John is the guy to go to for roaster/coffee knowledge.

Haven't been to Noir in a while.

Nobrow (best overall vibe), D'Bolla (best coffee geek experience) and The Rose (best place to take Mom) my three favorite shops in SL, UT.   

Let me know when you'll be in town and I'll show you around.


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