Michael Phillips is supposed to be on the Oprah Show this Friday. Mad props go to Michael!!!

Can anyone verify? I would hate to record the show and waste good hard drive space if he was not on! :-)

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Look at Nick Cho go!!

january vawter said:

I just spit orange mocha frappucino all over my keyboard!

Rob Tuttle said:
OMG!!!! January...that is awesome!!!!
This just changed my life...forever!!!

Gas Fight!!!!!!!!!!!!
!! January!!

Miro Lomeli said:
What!? That's fucking awesome. I'm totally watching that. I wonder if Oprah is going to give him his own coffee shop or something, haha.
I can think of no better to person to represent our industry on the national stage. Thanks Mike!!
I like how Marcus just kind of pops out of nowhere! I love that guy.

Ginger Gerhart said:
Look at Nick Cho go!!

january vawter said:

I haven't actually judged myself, but reading the Judges rulebook is a great place to start (if you haven't already) Be clean and make the drinks taste good, oh and do it in under 15 min. :-)

Sarah Dooley said:
Dude, will somebody please confirm because that sounds very cool. Rob here is an off the subject question. As future competitors how do we learn further what was better or what was more attractive to you all on the judging side of the table.

"Okay everyone, now look under your seat where you'll find YOUR VERY OWN BARISTA!"

Pushed back a week or not, I am really excited to see Mike up there with The Big O.

And I really can't wait until January has her own show on Adult Swim!

I think that i might cry just a little. zoolander+orange mocha frappacinos+the usbc champ+marcus+nick+OPRAH= mybrainjuststoppedfunctioning.
january vawter said:

This is awesome. Will someone please post the air date if they know what it is. Also, is Nick Cho doing the cabbage patch????

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