I recently got a phone call from someone wanting to know if I'd be willing to roast cacao beans for their company in my coffee roaster, and , well, I have no idea as to how advisable this is. It looks to be a potentially large account, but my instints tell me that this would most likely affect the flavor profile of my future coffee roasts. If there is anyone with experience in having had done this and the potential pros and cons, I'd be grateful for the advice. Thanks!

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There is no question it will affect the coffee. I don't have any direct experience other than standing next to the roaster in the Scharffen Berger Chocolate factory...but man! That was a strong smell.
yeah dude, i can't imagine that being good for your later coffee roasting unless you have a way to thoroughly cleanse the entire system from the oils from the cacao roasting, but i know very little about the inner workings or process of roasters, so i'm not the best source on this subject, but i'd say better safe than sorry.

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