My boyfriend and I recently bought a local Coffee drive-thru that's been around for over 15 years. The name now is catchy, "Jitters", but it's the original menu and the place needs our touch and brought completely up to date. 

We already made as many slow transitions as possible, since the place has a very loyal following, but it's time to make one of the main changes asap - re-branding.

Renaming the place has been the hardest part of this process so far. So I now turn to you for ideas and inspiration. Here is some information for what type of name we are looking for:

  • Stand-alone coffee drive-thru
  • Focus on local coffee and local baked goods
  • The customer service and high quality expected at a local cafe'
  • Fast, convenient
  • Space is literately 50 sq. ft.
  • Fun, memorable name related to "on the go/take -out" without getting the feel of cheap and low quality
  • Close to downtown and interstate
  • 85% of the customers are ages 50+ so we want to expand the customer base to young families, young professionals, local teachers (5 schools near by)

Thank you for any creative name you have to offer.

I'd like to have a few options and then let the regulars get to help choose the name.


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How's this for inspiration. Do you have Norwegian roots? Your name seems to be a variation of the Norwegian "Våler." Here's the Wikipedia entry on a municipality in Norway called Våler. Maybe there's something to take inspiration from?

The name Våler comes from the Old Norse word vål, which means “trunks, or stumps (roots) from burnt trees in a clearing.” Names which are variations of vål are common in Norway as the first stage of clearing woodland for cultivation was to burn the trees and undergrowth.

Also, apparently the paperclip was invented by a Norwegian man named Johan Vaaler. Not sure what any of that has to do with your café but I thought it was cool!

Haha. You can sell stationary, too, and call it "Clip and Sip."

I Love that! I've always wanted to do that anyway

Jennifer, I wrote an article on this subject for Specialty Coffee Retailer. If you have the Aug. 2010 issue, it's there. Otherwise it's on Highbeam (free trial available):


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