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I'll be there! I only live a block away but this will be an event worth making a drive for. There's no reason I shouldn't see every one of you within 300 miles.
Planning on bringing my wife - it's her birthday! I'm only about 25 miles away (LaGrange). Looking forward to the event!
neat...I have really good friends in LaGrange, and I live in Muncie.
Are they coffee nuts? Have them find us at the farmers market this year. I've got some really nice Sidamo and Kenya on its way...see you at the BASH!

Sarah Leslie said:
neat...I have really good friends in LaGrange, and I live in Muncie.
I'm there and I heard rumors of crazy good prizes for latte art competition, so we'll see who comes out to play!
I had no idea that things like this were going down in Louisville. Looks like a great event. I might actually be there because I let my car registration expire and now I have to go the DMV on Westport Rd.
it was FUN! loads of people and coffee! Go to my page and look for the link to photos we took - I know, they are not very good, but the event was! I thought Chris did a great job with his barista demo - I just wish you could actually order some lof those coffee specialties when walking up to place your order...!!
If you haven't heard yet, June 25 will be the Prima Coffee Barista Bash 002!!!!! Check it out here for more details:

Prima Coffee Barista Bash 002

Events (all of which are FREE) include a
(1) Latte Art Competition (open to anyone who wants to register),
(2) Presentation by Les Stoneham,
(3) Cupping classes
(4) Machine demonstrations (including Cafe Solo, Bunn Trifecta, Mypressi Twist, Yama Syphon, V60, Chemex, and more)
Can't Wait.....looking forward to seeing the new Sunergos shop too!

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